Opening The Ex-File

Ex-boyfriendThere’s a saying that states an ex is an ex for a reason, but on reflection is it a good enough reason to keep you away if time has passed?


I’m certainly not advocating serious reasons where they is no trust due to cheating, and you get back with that same person that turned you into a heartbroken wreck for months. Yet, when there is a lapse of time that you both took to grow up and realise what mistakes were made, there is a grey relationship area.


Before you even think about getting back with your ex, you have to thrash out the past. Moving forward means you have to look back and discuss what went wrong. It may be easier to have on rose tinted spectacles but go too fast and you’ll be back to your previous problems.


Ask yourself are you prepared to tell your friends and family and not be scared of the incoming questions and shocked faces? Sometimes your nearest and dearest know you better than yourself. So if you are scared of someone’s reaction you should remove his or her feelings from the equation and focus on what you truly think without outside influences.


I’ll freely admit that being friends with my ex was no mean feat and I finally realised it was because there were still feelings there that I could not, would not compute. It took 5 years of walking on the eggshells of friendship for us both to articulate what we actually wanted from each other.


I know full well some people combined have ‘time bomb’ written all over their relationship; I’ve experienced some friends’ explosive relationships first hand. Yet, I think if you broke up for a reason that is now so hazy you cannot remember its significance, you should give a second chance at what your heart is telling you.