Our Own Worst Enemies

Our Own Worst EnemiesThere are many phases to dating. The first date, the honey moon, when things become real and when things get serious. Then there can also be when things go bad. If you are lucky then the bad phase may be early on when neither of you know how you really feel or when lust is the main agenda. Unfortunately for those of us who have ridden the relationship rollercoaster into love town, we may have to face both the reality and heartache that can come at the end of a partnership.

When you think of heartbreak what do you associate it with? Perhaps when the romance ends on a sour note or when lovers are forced apart through circumstance, but have you ever thought that heartache can actually be self inflicted? I am not talking about you cheating and regretting it or breaking up with someone and wishing that you hadn’t. I am referring to when we let our selves stay in relationships when we know that we shouldn’t.

This week I have been thinking about how without meaning to we can end up poisoning what had been a great relationship. Breaking up is not always about fighting and hurt as, although we do not like to admit it, sometimes it can be a simple case of growing apart. Why do we find it so hard to accept that if you have been with your boyfriend since you were sixteen and are now in your twenties that you will both have changed and grown up? Some of us refuse to face facts and walk away while we still have fond feelings for our other half, instead we feel that it is throwing in the towel and so drag happy relationships into bitter and tense messes.

Clinging on to someone that we once loved passionately but who we now adore platonically can be the silent killer, not just of a romantic connection but of also of any chance of walking away with friendship. Perhaps the saying cruel to be kind really is the solution to stopping us from allowing great influences in our lives becoming ex-friends, old memories and un-necessary victims of our own desperation to keep love alive.