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Recently I was passing my lunch break by flicking through articles on an online newspaper site (but only because I had read everything on LoveScene, obviously). I came across an article about three women who put their husbands’ skills to the test by allowing them to pack their wives holiday suitcases. Unsurprisingly, the men failed [...]

First Date Etiquette

After discovering ‘Millionaire Matchmaker’, I have to admit that Patti Stanger is my idol. Not only is she a successful businesswoman who is respected by celebrities and non-celebrities alike, she is able to find the perfect match for her clients. Whether the Millionaires she takes on are gay or straight, she seems to know exactly [...]

Singles Nights…?

I was at work the other day, having a flick through one of those free magazines people hand out on the street when I came across an article that made me both chuckle to myself and die a little inside all at the same time. It was about singles nights. Not just any singles nights [...]

Nissen’s Dating Rules

  I’ve not had the most sparkling, sizzling, smooch-filled, sociable, spine-tingling of summers. But it was what it was, and as much as I love hot weather, the calm dependability of autumn will be refreshing. I don’t expect to spend my autumn with anyone. I’ve come to understand, at a bone-marrow level, that Mr Mindfuck [...]

5 Ways You’re Sabotaging Your Chance at Love

“There’s nobody out there for me!” This is the lament we hear from so many people who email us, post to our Facebook page and come to us for relationship coaching. We empathize with those who have been searching and searching for the right partner and come up empty. And feel so alone. Maybe you’ve [...]

Trying to move on…

Tonight I have a hangover.  Not alcohol-related, but just as annoying, just as ‘poor me’ inducing and just as difficult to shake off. But my hangover is my bastard ex. The sad thing is, I never really knew him. And so anything he does now is no surprise, because I have absolutely no idea what [...]

Rough Guide to Singledom for the Newly Single

Are you recently single? I am. Isn’t it just the best feeling? No. Not really. I’m in that time that everyone has in their life – that limbo period where you are stuck between wanting that person back and wanting everything to go away so you can be happy again. But being in this very confusing, up-and-down period [...]

Would you, ummm…..

… Make me come? Whether getting back in the saddle after years, or weeks, getting pelvic with a new person is always a nerve-wracking experience, hence the amount of alcohol often consumed. I’m not talking about holiday romances or hazy hook-ups, but about new sex with someone you think ‘maybe….’ about. I could fill a [...]

To (f)B or not to (f)B…..

 is the question.  Or more specifically, how soon is too soon to FB? One of my beautiful friends recently asked me this, and I found I had no answer. Very unlike me. But it’s a good question, due to both security and the speed of openness in any budding relationship. We know that we should [...]

Thinking of Hiring a Wedding Marquee?

Your wedding day is the most memorable day of your life and the venue is one of the most important parts of it. With a range of different wedding venues on offer how do you know what venue is best for you? Many people now opt for wedding marquees. They are actually a great idea, [...]

Broken wings = broken heartstrings?

“Beautiful mind, tortured soul.  I do have to figure out why I am attracted to these broken birds”.   So said the amazing Katy Perry in last month’s Vogue.  Preaching to the choir sister; I too am asking myself this.  After 3 attempts at relationships with issue-ridden overgrown man-child(ren), I’m wondering why I keep going for [...]

Planning a Wedding…Without a Groom!

 So one of the girls I work with was happily chatting about her upcoming wedding and the plans she and her fiancé had made for their special day. As we were chatting, the subject came up of women who plan their weddings before they’ve even got a man in their life. I’d seen this subject brought [...]

3 Words That Will Ruin Your Relationship

We’ve said them. You’ve said them. Everybody has said (out loud or in our minds) these three very innocent words whose combined meaning packs a mean punch that can knock everything that’s sweet and wonderful right out of a relationship. In fact, these three average and ordinary words can even make it impossible for someone who [...]


It’s amazing, the things you miss. The little red 1 on your Facebook page, your phone lighting up multiple times during the day with another sweet nothing text, the photo of you two that fills the screen when he calls. It’s also amazing when you realise that you don’t actually mis HIM. The break-up break-through [...]

SATC – the ultimate relationship manual

I’m distracting myself from my collapsed world by watching SATC 2 – the movie.  Despite the stereotypes of the Middle East and the underdevelopment of Samantha and Miranda’s characters, it’s not a bad film.  A disappointment in the cinema after waiting for it excitedly, but a nice dash of colourful escapism to push back the [...]

Dating etiquette: Can I just order a burger or…?

From the moment of conception I was pestering my mother for some kind of chocolate-covered snack from within the womb, so it’s not much of a surprise that I’ve grown into a woman who really does love her food. In my day-to-day life, this causes no problem; in my dating life, it makes things a [...]

How do you get back in the dating game?

It seems, as my friends and I creep closer into adulthood, more and more of us are finding ourselves in serious and steady relationships. Dating is a thing of the past for the most of us; so when we all started watching the Channel 4 series, ‘Dates’, which is allegedly an honest look at modern dating, [...]

Will a Proposal Ruin Your Relationship

I logged onto Facebook yesterday for my daily dose of being nosey. I was greeted by several posts referring to a girl from my year at school who had just gotten married in the local castle. She had also hired an owl. Right. Upon seeing this I mentioned it to a group of friends later [...]

How Much Should You Share About Your Past?

We’ve all got skeletons in our closets. Each and every one of us has something about our past that we’d rather nobody knew about…especially a date or someone we’d like to date. Maybe it’s the number of sexual partners you had in your wilder days. Maybe it’s the lack of sexual partners you’ve had. Maybe [...]

The greatest love story of all time

The ‘great’ love stories are those which live on in literature and popular culture – Anthony and Cleopatra, Romeo and Juliet, Aladdin and Jasmine.  What about the real great love stories, the ones that don’t end in tragedy or happily ever after?  The ones where, at the end of the party, the music stops and [...]