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The End

It has been nine months since my ex broke up with me. Nine months of looking out for him in bars and supermarkets, nine months of checking the number plate every time a black Golf GTI drives past, nine months of opening my mailbox to find nothing from him.   I go over it all, [...]

Why do people cheat?

  Relationships are often hard, and often there can be problems.  But what I never fully understand is the reason for cheating, and I have to question why someone would do it, and it’s not just celebrities that cheat, it happens every day;  but the one thing people never account for is the long term [...]

Why lying to your partner never works…. even if you think it’s for the right reasons

Relationships can only survive with two ingredients, love and trust, and if one of these is missing, then it is likely you will find yourself single very soon.  So why is it, we still lie to our partners, and put all elements of trust in doubt.   Relationships are complex things, at a time when [...]

Help! I’ve lost my mojo

Don’t get me wrong: I was born flirting. I’ll hold my hands up and say  that I do love it when I think  I have the power to wrap a man around my little finger’.  I’ll agree I hold my heart out and the chosen one often gets tangled up in my mind,  and text [...]

‘Where Beer Does Flow and Men Chunder’

In a desperate attempt to avoid a forced rhyme, could Men at Work(‘I come from a land down under…’) actually have described Australia and, in particular, Australian men any more accurately?   I can speak with some degree of authority; I am Australian and the mentality of Aussie men is genuinely one of the reasons [...]


Bob-alongs is a term I coined several years ago to refer to those people who bob along though life, without any issues, problems, heartbreaks or baggage. They have good jobs, loving families, great friends and fantastic boyfriends. Even when they’re single, they take it in their stride; they’re never single for long anyway. You could [...]

Nokia: Disconnecting People

Mobile phones have become a blueprint of our inner lives. The photos we take of family and holidays, the texts from ex-boyfriends we save and the numbers of old friends we never use. Beneath the shiny exterior lies all this information about where we’ve been, what we’ve done and who we’ve seen.   So when [...]

In With The Old, Out With The New?

Kate Middleton and Prince William are reportedly setting up home together in Wales, adding fuel to speculation that they will shortly announce their plans to marry.

Dating in Your 30s: The Marmite Experience

When you’re lucky, or unlucky, enough to go on as many first dates as I do, you can’t help but notice certain trends. Take my last two first dates for example: First date one lasted several hours and ended with my date asking a series of questions: “Can I come back to your apartment? Can [...]

Inter-Racial Relationships

The public’s outlook on socially and culturally sensitive issues is changing with every passing day. From 1967′s legalization of interracial marriages to current trends of legalizing gay marriages, it is apparent that, given time, society learns to accept change. Interracial dating and romance is no longer uncommon and is becoming well established throughout North American [...]

Basic Dating Tips

Check out these basic tips to get you started when hitting the dating scene.

Dating Advice for Men

Watch Dr. A. Georges Sabongui from as he reveals how men can create a High Impact First Impression.   some shadow . I work as a Copywriter for a luxury travel group but I also love to do a spot of editorial writing on the side. My interests include travel and fashion and I [...]

Dating Red Flags

When a couple first falls in love, they are convinced that their mate is perfectly flawless. They have no blemishes, no faults, and are perfect through and through. However, it doesn’t take very long before the sparkle starts to lose its shine and the true nature begins to surface. Often, in retrospect, it becomes easy [...]

The Over-40 Dating Woman

Dating can be a sticky situation, especially if you are a woman who has passed the 40 year age mark. When you have reached this stage of life, time is a lot more valuable to you and you are less willing to put up with anything …or anyone …that wastes that time. I was 40ish [...]

Dating Basics

So you’re single… where do you start?  How are you going to cope with putting yourself ‘out-there’? Well don’t worry, here’s a few points for guys and girls who are single and looking for a step in the right direction.  Check these Hot tips out now:

Jennifer Aniston on Dating…

An interview with Friends star, Jennifer Aniston who has been across the media recently in light of her relationships.  Hear what she has to say…