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Fun, Unusual Wedding Trends

Weddings – once upon a time, it seemed like if you had been to one, you had seen them all. Since then though, couples have embraced the challenge of differentiating themselves from their peers and parents by adopting unique (if not wacky) décor elements. Only time will tell if these innovative new concepts are the [...]

How to find a serious partner online – dos and don’ts

It’s no longer unusual to hear of people meeting serious partners online and, if you go about things the right way, there’s every reason to believe that you’ll find success. However, there are several pitfalls to avoid when dating online (and there’s a surprising number of people who fail to heed them!). Pay attention to [...]

Avoid These 4 Facebook Relationship Fatalities

Facebook is awesome, right? Except when it endangers your relationship. Well, let us be clearer. Facebook is a wonderful way to stay in touch with family and friends and it can be fun for your relationship too. You can use a social networking site like Facebook to be flirty with your partner or potential partner. You [...]

How to Create Interest and Attraction When Approaching a Woman?

The art of asking a woman out on a date has been debated, tested and refined for thousands of years. And yet, despite having access to all of that knowledge and wisdom, men still panic when it’s time to approach the object of their affections. They begin searching for little tricks that are guaranteed to [...]

Feeling Neglected? What to Do When His Friends Are More Important Than You

It hurts to be somebody’s fall-back plan. When your partner seems to want to spend time with his (or her) friends instead of with you, it not only hurts, it’s bad for your relationship too. Thinking that you are the “have to” for your partner instead of the “want to” can leave you feeling neglected and [...]

Do Opposites Really Attract?

When growing up my friends and I had the phrase “opposites attract” drilled into us by romcom films. We firmly believed that we should date someone who is nothing like ourselves. When I was in full on study mode I would tell myself that bad boys looked more attractive, when I was going out drinking [...]

The Life Plan

When you start high school it feels like the clock is ticking; the countdown to being an adult has begun. Any decision you make is vital to your future and it’s very stressful especially when you’re only a teenager. It’s hard enough figuring out what you want to do with yourself but add another person [...]

How to End an Argument Without Losing Self-Respect

It’s a stand-off. You know those times when you and your love can’t seem to agree?  You’re stuck and it feels like the only way to resolve the conflict is for you to “give in” and let your partner have his or her way. It can seem like your only “choice” is to compromise what’s [...]

Should Couples Date

When you are single a date always comprises of the same key ingredients. There is flirting, new outfits, expectations, a few cocktails and a bucket of firsts, such as first kisses and the first time you tell them the only joke you know. Although single girl dates usually come with a side effect of nerves, [...]

The first cut is the deepest

There are 5 words I hate.  “What are we doing here?” or its closely related cousin, “What do you want from me?” They put all the pressure on me to make the decision.  And make me want to respond in my sassiest tone, “If you don’t know, how can I answer that definitively?!  ‘We’ applies [...]

Get Your Date Back On Track After a Foot-in-Mouth Moment

“You said WHAT?!”  When Jessica recounted what happened on her date last night, her friend was shocked. Jessica can’t even believe that she would say something that catty about another woman…but she did and she made the comment to a really great guy who she’s only been out with a couple of times.  It turns [...]


So I will be the first to admit that as soon as the weather turns cold I have no motivation to do anything. Normal clothes feel heavy on my back, so obviously I should wear nothing except pyjamas when I am at home. Housework is clearly a summer chore, and who wants to face the [...]

What About These Dark-Grey Men?

Whether it’s the Edward Cullen of the twilight saga or Mr. Christian Grey from the Fifty Shades series, there is something mystic about these dark men.  From cinema to literature and fantasy to daily life- they simply rule. You can’t beat their charm and you can’t get them out of your head. Here’s an attempt [...]

Who’s The Boss?

I recently started a new part time job where a couple works together, one is a supervisor and the other just a team member. On the surface they seem fine with each other in work but the other day it was awkwardness central when they erupted into a fight where she told him to “get [...]

Determined or demanding?

Everyone is unique, everyone is individual. Everyone has little quirks and habits which are annoying to others.  There are some things which are an absolute deal breaker for me. The guy who grunts when aroused, the guy with the weird knuckles, the guy who is punctually challenged, the guy who is vertically challenged, the guy [...]

Commitment Conundrum: What to Do When Your Partner Won’t Commit

Kate’s relationship with Jon is at a serious crossroads. They’ve been dating exclusively for almost a year but she’s still unsure about his commitment to her. When they’re together Jon is loving and passionate, but when he gets focused on a project for work or with the band he’s in, Kate feels ignored. She is [...]

Great Expectations

I had 4 dates lined up last weekend. Exhausted and emotionally confused, I cancelled. 3 of them still want to see me!  I have no idea why.  But it has got me thinking….  And I think that it is a case of great expectations.   Mine tend to be low before a date.  Sure, he sounds [...]

Dating survival skills

My experiences of this minefield known as dating have given me some pretty good insights into myself, men, and how the game has changed since our parents got together. In as much as I like to respect individuality and give men a chance, there are – in the experience of me and my friends – [...]

Sneaky Ways to Turn Him On

Have you heard that men supposedly have around 8,000 sexual thoughts a day? This frequently repeated statistic might leave you confused and worried when your man says “no” to sex. When he declines sex or if he doesn’t seem very excited or present when you two make love, your mind might start churning with thoughts like… Do [...]

Xclusivetouch’s Lock and Key Party at Funky Buddha

  It is a cool, crisp London evening as I strut in my high tops through Mayfair. This is normally the one day a year when individuals hide away at home clutching the TV remote and when couples emerge to crowd the streets with over-sized bouquets and heart shaped balloons. That’s right, I am out on Valentines Day [...]