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Dream Cheating

I recently had the most horrendous dream where my fiancé was cheating on me, I woke up crying and was in a mood with him until I realised “I just dreamt that; it wasn’t real.” All right, I’m one of those people that will partake in a cheese board before bed and not be worried [...]

The Don’ts and Do’s of Ending an Argument

You and your special someone are out together enjoying good food or a concert. Sounds blissful, right? Not so much if an arguments breaks out between the two of you. A date can quickly be ruined when one of you unintentionally offends the other one or you disagree about an important issue. If the conflict isn’t [...]

Excuse me, which bus should I take….?

It’s been an interesting fortnight. I’ve had ample opportunity to come up with an appropriate analogy for men. And the best I can come up with is, men are like buses. Seriously. They are large, slightly cumbersome, difficult to drive (or at the very least have difficulty parking) , and sometimes smell funny.  Oh – [...]

3 Ways to Stop Jealousy From Ruining Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day can be a great day to celebrate but if you’re jealous or with a partner who is—it can be a day that you’d just as soon banish from the calendar. Here’s the problem with jealousy and Valentine’s Day and one of the reasons why it spells disaster for couples with jealousy issues… Valentine’s [...]

A Swift soliloquy

Everything these days is so fast.  There’s speed dating, speed housemating, speedy broadband, speeded-up immigration controls, and lord knows what else.  But in these times of pedal to the metal, are we giving ourselves time to love and mourn, or should we be evolving in our ideas of sex and breakups too? I love Taylor [...]

Just a pawn in the Great Game…?

I’m dating. I want to find romance and fun and friendship and passion and excitement and all that jazz. I want happiness.  I want pleasure.  I want to be on a deserted beach with him, laughing and feeling the warmth of the sun and the warmth of our emotions.  I want to fall asleep on [...]

Modern Dating

Years ago the regular “where did you meet?” story would be “in a bar” or someone introducing each other. Whereas now meeting someone can be done by logging onto your laptop or signing up for a new reality show. I’d be such a hypocrite to say it’s sad as I met my fiancé on Myspace, [...]

Happy Valentine’s Day To Me

Valentines – possibly the most emotive word in the English language?  The day and night when our romantic expectations rachet up so high it’s a wonder the world continues to function. Whether single, committed or curious, it has a lot of power and pressure.  But I’m not worried about it… because I’ve got Valentine’s locked [...]

Let’s Go Fishing

 There are lots of ways to meet people these days. There is the more traditional route of through a friend or when out you ask for their number and go on dates. Then there are more 21st century methods such as online dating and even chat rooms. We all remember being sixteen and using instant [...]

Snowed In – Relationship Friend or Foe?

What’s that song that makes snow sound so delightful? “oh the weather outside is frightful, but the fire is so delightful and since we’ve no place to go, let it snow, let it snow, let it snow…”  How about snow go and take a running jump! It sounds odd to say the weather can affect [...]

Bedroom Blues

  I don’t know about you but to me a bed is a sacred place. When I am sad or upset it acts as a place of comfort, when I am shivering it gives me warmth and when I want to have a lazy Sunday it doesn’t judge me for the number of biscuits I [...]

The 10 signs it’s over

So much time is devoted to the beginning of relationships.  The rose-coloured, honey-tasting, blissful bubble and the neurotic second-guessing that accompanies it.  But what about when things aren’t going so well?  When certain signs appear, it is time to talk…. Some couples can survive.  Others can’t.  It all depends on whether you want to.  In [...]

A Drunken Excuse

The vast majority of people in this world have a set of moral codes that they go through life with. Whether they are religious or not, everyone has some kind of philosophy to live by and have a sense of what is right and what is wrong. A vast majority of people consider cheating wrong. [...]

The Dating Rules

Dating is such a scary concept; the multiple rules attached make it even more terrifying. I’m not the best person to talk on this subject, as I’m not single, yet the thing that intrigues me is what’s known as ‘the rules’. I might be completely off base but do they still apply? Everyone’s heard of [...]

The lament of the sleep-deprived dater

I’m a cheerful person.  Part of my ‘thing’ is to bring smiles, laughter and happiness to others.  I like to be positive when it comes to most stuff.  But I’m pretty cynical and jaded in a relationship sense, and I want to be honest.  So here it is – dating is too much effort, too [...]

Caught by a Catfish

Online dating. I must admit, I’ve never done it. It’s all a big mystery to me, and maybe that’s why the latest TV import from the US is baffling me even more. “Catfish” is a TV show that follows various couples who have met online and been in relationships for a few weeks or months, or [...]

Who is the more irritating sex?

I’m under no illusions, I know both sexes can get right of your last nerve but I’ve been questioning lately who is the most annoying to their partners. Laying it all out on the table, I know I can be annoying; come on girls admit it. I constantly whinge and moan and my crying tendencies [...]

Guilt Be Gone!

We all know that when swimming in the dating pool things can sometimes seem daunting, especially if we have been bitten by sharks before. Sometimes we let previous relationships cloud our judgement when trying to go forward as we can’t get over the emotional trauma of boyfriends past. In my personal experience this fear cannot [...]

I must not belong in Venus…

Ok, so I am a little out of my depth here… Well, a lot out of depth. I do not usually do this. I am usually a-writing-about-fashion-kind-o’-girl. You know the type; descriptions of material, the way it falls, what will go with it, etc. I do not write about dating or relationships. This is probably [...]

Nabbing your man

Attracting a man can be the most difficult challenge a woman can face – especially if that man isn’t interested. Some give up and say “Why bother?” but some just pull out every trick to capture their fancy man. How far would you go to nab your fancy man? The question we all begin with [...]