Relationship Advice In The Modern Day

finding your ideal mateThere was a time when people would keep things very tight to their chest.  They wouldn’t talk about their relationship problems to others very readily, let alone publish articles or comments on social media about them.  What happened, what changed?  We changed.  The internet changed us, the media changed us, and we fed the sources of change by changing ourselves.  Now we can’t get away from relationship advice and relationship forums, particularly on the internet.  How much do we really learn from these sources, though?


Actually, you can learn a lot.  You can learn to be patient because you realise you are not alone and that your annoying boyfriend/husband experiences take place behind other closed doors too.  You realise you are not the only one that has bad first dates or the only one jilted at the altar or the only one left cradling a baby in your arms after the promise of “’til death parts us” has been broken.


These stories of the strife of others do help us to think differently about our own situations and feel somewhat unburdened by them.  However, no matter how many tips and solutions you learn from what you read, nothing compares to the connection of one human being to another.


When we reach the end of our tether, bewildered by the lack of clarity on how to move forwards, we now turn to professionals for help.  One such professional is personal and business relationships coach, psychologist and author, Sam Owen.


Relationship Remedies by Sam OwenYou may have read about her in the media in the likes of OK!, More! or Natural Health magazines, or heard her being interviewed on BBC Radio, but if you meet her, you’ll realise she is just a down to earth person who is passionate about helping people.  When asked about her work she replies, “I always knew I wanted to help people for a living.”


So how does she help people for a living?  “Our relationships govern every aspect of our lives.  By showing people how to create highly successful relationships, at home and in business, I help people to increase their happiness, health and wealth.”


Sam offers coaching workshops (such as confidence coaching and customer relationship coaching) as well as personal individual and couples coaching to those looking to improve their relationship with themselves or someone else.  She also offers Skype video coaching to those around the globe.


So, you now know which relationship expert to speak to, if you want help with any of the following: marriage or relationship rescue, dealing with a relationship breakup, divorce or separation, anxiety, self-esteem, stress, post-natal depression, or improving customer relationships or staff relationships.  Sam offers free, no obligation consultations as well as lots of free information in her blog and newsletter.


You can also follow her on Twitter and Facebook and read her official blog here.


Buy Sam’s book (paperback or ebook version) from all major retailers: Waterstone’s, Amazon, Blackwells, Barnes and Noble, etc, or via here.