Relationship Recovery

I always find interesting points about relationships when looking through various magazines and social media. But finding an article entitled “cheating made our relationship better” made me laugh. It’s totally baffling how the ultimate betrayal could strengthen something that was weak already.

Digging deeper into this it seems some crackpots think that dividing your emotional and physical needs can work better than expecting everything from one person. Looking further afield can mean that you’re looking for something that doesn’t currently exist in your first relationship.

If something is missing from the person you love that you so desperately need you are willing to cheat to get it any way shape or form, you are plain and simply cheating. It doesn’t help the relationship, it is hurting it subconsciously, guilt, anxiety, mood, and change is picked up on. People are not that stupid to overlook a change in circumstances and accept it, they know. Trying to justify cheating is not something anyone can achieve.

If a relationship is wrong or hurting the people involved emotionally or physically it should be ended truthfully and as cleanly as possible. Introducing a third party does not fix anything.

It is an individual’s opinion to define his or her own relationship and what is acceptable. I just couldn’t see it becoming the norm and people being open about what there relationship is truly like behind closed doors if they like going to swinger parties. I’m not saying they should, a relationship is for the two people involved, and that’s the whole point. Introducing someone else without the knowledge of your partner can be destructive, but it can also be energising apparently. I just don’t see how it can help a relationship.


Whatever happened to straightforward monogamy?