RespectGaining respect in a relationship is a must. It concludes how your partner will treat you and more importantly, how you feel about yourself.


Ultimately, a partner cannot truly love you if they do not respect you, thus you cannot truly love yourself if you let another person disrespect you.


In order to gain respect from another person and to recieve a positive attitude from them it is important to set yourself standards.


Firstly, it is essential to have dignity and pride in who you are. If you want another person to show you respect, then you have to respect yourself first. This includes having a backbone, standing up for yourself and not taking any nonsense.


It is vital to have a mind of your own, opinions, values and beliefs. Show your own interests and do not be afraid to disagree. Having an opinion and stance in life shows you can think by yourself, without the aid of another person.


In addition to having your own mind, having your own tastes is vital in gaining respect. Liking what you like and being confident within that, attracts more interest than simply agreeing with another person, or having no personal taste at all.


Be confident in who you are, do not try to be someone you are not. Changing yourself or attempting to have your hair a certain way or speaking a certain way will not gain respect. Being yourself is what got you friends and family who love being around you, changing yourself to suit one person is pointless.


Never try too hard for one person. If your partner says he has a preference for blondes, do not go out and bleach your hair. Trying too hard can make you come across as a pushover, which shows he can treat and speak to you as he chooses as you will do anything to please him.


Being happy is vital. Having your own life, separate from theirs is important. He should not be the primary motivator for everything you do, doing things for you is more important. By taking care of yourself, he will want to also take care of you.


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