woman on treadmill

So I will be the first to admit that as soon as the weather turns cold I have no motivation to do anything. Normal clothes feel heavy on my back, so obviously I should wear nothing except pyjamas when I am at home. Housework is clearly a summer chore, and who wants to face the harsh wind outside to make a trip to the gym? My car takes half the drive to finally heat up, why put myself through that just to exercise, especially since my gym lacks eye candy.

Annoyingly, there are several good reasons to drag my increasingly squidgy butt to the gym. As much as I love vegging out in front of the television in my dotted dressing gown, munching on dry cereal, I have to be honest and say that I do start to feel increasingly unattractive. I am just home, eating and not interacting with other people (screaming at people on the TV doesn’t count.) So when I finally visit my boyfriend, quite frankly I feel gross. As much as I like being lazy, I do feel so much better when I exercise frequently. I feel fitter but also sexier, and not just because my sexual stamina increases.

Turns out that it isn’t just my relationship that benefits from a healthy lifestyle. Dr Howard Glazer from CornellUniversity has discovered that twenty minutes of aerobic activity, three times a week, will boost your sexual arousal. This is because cardio helps increase your circulation, and when you are turned on blood flows to your nether regions (aka your lady love machine). So increased exercise means that when you do see someone that you’re attracted to, you are ready and raring for action in no time.

So although I hope you don’t mention this information to my boyfriend as he would just pester me to work out more, I think it is important that us girls stick together and feel the burn. This is not just so we can be raring to go in 0 to 60, but it is so we feel more alert, more sexually confident and ultimately so we feel better about our selves.