Sexual History: What’s Your Number?

Ever heard the old saying; women divide by three while men multiply? Let’s just state what most of know to have a substantial grain of truth: men tend to lie about the number of sexual partners they’ve had. Does this mean women don’t? No, but generally speaking guys are known to stretch the truth in this department and here’s the research to back it up.

So does that mean that, if you’re in a relationship with a London based estate agent between the ages of 18 and 29 then your partner is more likely to be exaggerating, or stretching out the truth a little in regards to their sexual history? Should the number of people you’ve slept with in the past matter in the present, and is it really any of your business?

sexual history 3

That was just one of many questions addressed in the Great Male Survey back in 2011. They questioned 80.000 people to find out the differences between men and women, including how they chose to handle their sexual history in relationships.

What they discovered was interesting, but not surprising. More than half of men (51 percent) were said to be completely honest regarding the number of sexual partners they have had. Of those who have lied, the reasons behind the deceit were divided. Twenty-one percent said they lied because it’s no one’s business except their own, while sixteen percent did so to protect their ego, and just 12 percent lied to spare their current partner’s feelings.

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Women, although capable of broadening the truth, showed slightly difficult results in the ladies version of the survey.  63 percent of women were found to have never lied about their number of sexual partners. Like men, 21 percent lie because they feel it’s not anyone’s business and here’s the important part; only 7 per cent did so to protect their own ego, with 9 percent lying to protect their mans feelings.

Is this intimate information really necessary to share? Yes, it’s important to be open about your sexual history with a partner—no one wants to be unaware that they’re with a serial one-night-stand aficionado. But what does it matter if you’ve slept with two people or 20, so long as you’re free of sexually transmitted diseases (sorry, had to be said) and loyal and committed to your current relationship? Isn’t the here and now all that really matters?