Should Couples Date


When you are single a date always comprises of the same key ingredients. There is flirting, new outfits, expectations, a few cocktails and a bucket of firsts, such as first kisses and the first time you tell them the only joke you know. Although single girl dates usually come with a side effect of nerves, that anxiety often transforms into butterflies and uncontrollable grinning. People all date for different reasons. There are some who go into it just for fun, perhaps to get over an ex, maybe because you can’t afford that nice new restaurant but you know your date can. Then, of course, there are the romantics who meet new people in the hope that the firsts will also be their lasts.

 So imagine that your date does in fact turn into your boyfriend and you fall in love. Do you keep going on dates or is it ok to finally just stay and become comfortable? This is a tough one for me because I am a TV addict who loves wearing pjs. I am not ashamed to admit it. Hey, sometimes I’ll mix it up by wearing sweats. However, I am still a girl. A stereotypical one in the sense that I love make-up, Dior is my favourite perfume and every now and then I like to get dressed up. Yet when you’re in a long term relationship you can’t just suddenly demand that you still constantly go on dates just because you want someone to tell you that you look pretty. Realism kicks in, you can’t keep spending money on diners out, especially when you both know how much the other earns and can really afford. Don’t misunderstand me, staying in can be nice as you can just be yourself with really be comfortable with someone.

 So how important are date nights really? Some may feel that they help kick life into your relationships. But if you’re a close couple, then do dates still give you the butterflies or are they just another diner?