‘Single Girl Chronicles’ Step1: Finding Mr Right

So here I am, two years later and still a miss not a Mrs. Don’t get me wrong I am too young (22)to be walking down the aisle but what happened to Mr Right. It is summer time and love is the air, couples stroll through the parks with a glint in their eyes whilst guys and girls flirt with each other as they go past. Okay possibly I’m looking way much into this but what strategies would I need to undertake to get Mr Right.

Friends suggest internet dating (to be honest, I can’t believe this is still around – that’s so 2000). So I say what the heck, what do I have to lose? I log onto a site a friend suggested ‘Guest name’, so I enter one after 10minutes. 10 whole minutes of thinking what name I could give myself; the list ranged from a line of things ‘honest but not looking’, ‘back on the market’, Single chick’. I was going to take the last one, but I found it hard for anyone to take a 22 year old serious with a name like chick. So I finally logged in with Mrs Right -short and straight to the point.  ‘Click Enter’ Done, I start there in anticipation only to have my eyeballs widen in complete horror.

So you’re probably thinking it can’t be all that bad, it’s just a chat room at the end of the day. But no it’s scarier than that, ‘hot mama’, ‘single Bi female’, ‘BrownSugarBabi’, Msnostringsattach. I couldn’t believe it not only were they single woman like myself but they were a cry for help (not to mention desperate ‘msnostringsattach’ come on’). What the hell had I gotten myself into? How the hell could I compete with these women?  They initially knowing what they looking for, but what was my reason?  Ready to reach for the phone and give my friend an ear bashing, a message pops up ‘Hey Mrs Right, Doubt you will be wrong about me?’D-e-l-e-t-e! Immediately I waste no time but to delete the message. But then another one pops up and another, then another, at the same time I’m deleting every single one until ‘Hey, no need for any sweet lines, let’s just start with hi’ pops up on my screen.  Could there really be a genuine person amongst all these desperate singles? We get to talking and his name is Jerome, we like the same foods, music and were both quite ambitious.  Before logging off he sends his email address with ‘Keep in touch Hun’. Hmm well we sure threw the ball in my court! I leave it for a few days before emailing him, he emails back and again I’m head deep ‘Wanna meet up?’ So soon, I’m now beginning to ponder whether this was a good idea, I forgot we would eventually have to meet. Deep breath I reply back ‘Sure, what you thinking of?’

Jerome emails back and we set up the date, meeting, hook up, oh whatever it’s called. Twiddling my thumbs I’m waiting outside the bar, questions running through my head. What if he isn’t what he says he is? What if he lied about his age? (Did I lie about mine?) What if he is a woman? Or worse, both?  Stopped dead in my tracks his eyes meet mine. It’s him! Immediately I know it’s him. ‘Hi’ we both say at one. Remarkably, he’s everything that he said he is tall, chocolate complexion, built and very handsome not to mention the deep baritone. We may have a winner!

As the evening goes on, this short lived dream comes to an end.  Jerome is very smart but quite boring, (Which he failed to mention) he also believed that once married, he should be treated as king of his castle, and that his woman should honour obey him! Cheque Please! He walks me to the cab station and we say goodnight. After a long and sober night, I hit the sheets only to get a text to say ‘so how about it, wanna be my queen? I really like you’ I roll over and think not even in your dreams and throw the phone across the bed. Ive come to the conclusion that maybe I am just not ready for Mr Right, because I’m still figuring out how to be Mrs Right. Mr Right may be out there, but maybe I was only looking for Mr Right now.

So Jerome was as,as you can tell never contacted again. I hope he does find his queen.

Nicole Harry – Jul 22nd 2010


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