It’s that time again, where we separate from our cash in exchange for gifts for loved ones. Year after year, almost like tradition, shopping becomes a mayhem days before Christmas day.

But is it me or is everyone riveting on about what they want their girlfriend or boyfriend to get them this Xmas? Now I hate to be such a scrooge on such a festive season, but really Xmas is overrated. Still don’t understand? Let me set the scene for you.

Ladies, you waltz hand in hand with your partner in the shopping centre, dropping hints as you go along, ‘Wow I love those earrings’, ‘I really like those shoes’ ‘This perfume smells amazing – how much?’ Only to find Xmas morning, your partner wasn’t listening at all and has gotten you a tea cosy for your toilet roll.

Now Xmas is not just about presents, its about spending time with loved ones yadi-ya. But it’s the principle.

So as a singleton, second year running, I will be celebrating Xmas alone. Now for many singletons, it seems like a daunting time but for me its quite the opposite. This year I know that all presents our guaranteed; The LBD, a new iPod, Desperate Housewives box set and not to mention one less tea cosy.

Nicole Harry – Jan 2nd 2011

LoveScene Asks:   “What has been the worst Xmas present you have ever received?”

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  1. Hanson says:

    Worst Xmas present? Has to be a pack of old-man Y-fronts from my Aunty. Gives me a shiver just thinking about them… brrr