Standard Issues?

first datesToo tall, too short, too old or too blonde? Just some of the reasons I’ve been known to turn down potential dates in the past. Before giving the impression of being someone who is more fussy than you can believe, there was also someone who resembled Sergei from the Compare the Meerkat adverts. Oh and with a laugh best suited to an unbalanced maniac. Then another who spent the whole night sat alone in a pub, nursing a solitary soft drink until he kept asking my colleagues about whether I was available. Cue hiding in the glass room and kitchen until he left, and merciless teasing all night.


‘It’s not being fussy, just standards’ has become a well-worn line, and almost a running joke by now. In fact I can feel like I’m running out of excuses and have started thinking it may be time to invent an imaginary boyfriend in order to stop the questioning. Drastic? Maybe, but at least if it seems like Mr Perfect has finally arrived the excuses can be retired for a while.


When it comes to relationships, sometimes having standards can be a good rather than a bad thing. It stops you from getting involved with someone just because you can rather than because you like them, or going from one relationship to another to avoid being alone. Problem is, when you start rejecting potential dates for what can seem small issues maybe there’s another reason. Is it so that no-one can measure up to your expectations and so avoid you getting hurt by a relationship that doesn’t work out. Maybe it’s time to relax these unrealistic expectations and look at what’s really important. Do I like this person? If so, maybe give them a chance and see what happens. What have you got to lose?