Sued for being ugly, do looks really matter?

Has the world actually gone mad?  Sued for being ugly, do looks really matter?

When I read the story about a man suing his ex-wife for being ugly I had to delve deeper. Basically after having a daughter with his wife, Jian Feng accused his wife of cheating, as the child was so ugly it didn’t look like them. After all the false accusations of her cheating, she decided to come clean and tell him that their daughter looked nothing like them because she had spent over $100,000 on plastic surgery to improve her looks. Only it seems she didn’t let her husband know about her little makeover. It comes to something when a male judge awards an ex husband $120,000 because he got married to a liar.

Are we that stuck on the idea of beauty?

That a woman got divorced because she was deemed ugly and a fake?

It’s that old chestnut of do looks really matter?

They obviously mattered to Jian Feng who felt cheated on by his now ex-wife. I’ve been told that it’s a different world in China; men’s wives and daughters are seen as trophies for them to parade around and gain social acclaim. Is that really any excuse though?

I’d like to think that I’ve got something about me conversation wise and my relationship would not hang on the basis of my face collapsing into itself. Love should be based on not just attraction but mutual interests. It sure says a lot about him if the thought of his wife having a bit of a monobrow in the past put him off for life; I mean she looks good now so where is the issue?

In a society plagued by plastic surgery, it is now the done thing to improve your looks; you can’t even tell anymore if someone has had work done. I wouldn’t have work done myself but I can see (without being horrible) why she chose to have procedures. I suppose she is being a hypocrite because looks obviously matter to her also for her to go to those lengths to feel beautiful. Deep down everyone knows that looks matter, it sounds shallow but judging a book by the front cover is something people do subconsciously whether they want to or not; our brains are just programmed that way.

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