Teetotal, Please

dinner datesWhen I see another girl or boy staggering out of a club or pub, I feel a bit disheartened. When did it become socially acceptable to be this drunk, let alone in public view?


It’s not even the drunkenness that annoys me, but the cattle all moving in and out of clubs expecting to find someone to snog in a dark corner with Pitbull’s finest pumping through your ears. What happened to going the cinema or for a nice meal?


It seems everyone is thinking the only potential partners are those drunken people who give you their number but wouldn’t remember your name the next day if you asked them.


I will admit that when I first turned 18 the first thing I did was go and buy my first legal sip of alcohol. I couldn’t wait to be treated like an adult, to order a drink if I wanted one and not worry I was going to be knocked back if the person behind the bar asked me for some I.D. I sound like I was a raging alcoholic aged 14, drinking cider on the park; far from it, I had a drink for the first time at a family party aged 16, enjoying a few at special occasions following that.


Yet now aged 24, I really cannot be bothered to drink anymore, it’s simply not worth the EFFORT anymore to get absolutely shit faced. It’s not that I’m too lazy to get drunk, evidence backs this fact up; I’m an avid competitor on the Wii Fit and love occasions to get dressed up and have a nice meal and good conversation with my favourite people. I’m not even opposed to a few drinks; it’s all the negatives that impact me more than if I’ve missed a night out with friends.


From experience, the first thing you think when you wake up after a night out with a blinding hangover is “what the hell did I do last night?” and if you can’t answer you need to have a word with yourself. The inevitable stumble to the kitchen results in trying to find food, which you cannot be bothered to cook because standing upright as the ultimate challenge. Then you find yourself in your car desperately making your way to McDonalds spending more money to make yourself feel even 1% better. Even after that the rest of the day is a write off. It’s a waste of life, for a night you cannot remember, an empty bank account and an earlier death, just ask yourself is it worth it?


I simply do not want to spend my 20s in a haze of hangovers. I struggle trying to give up power over the TV remote let alone my own body.


There are the added health benefits; you live longer, don’t wake up feeling like you’ve been put through a meat grinder, are not wasting the ‘empty calories’ on drink, which you can bank or treat yourself to some cake and can actually remember your night. You shouldn’t have to rely on pictures to remind you of the great night you had, that’s what your brain is for, to remember, but if your killing it with excessive amounts of alcohol it won’t last long at all. Some that are self reliant on alcohol say they cannot have fun without a drink. All right it gives some shy reserved people confidence in social situations that would otherwise be excruciating conversations. Yet, I think there is a difference between one drink to downing as much as your body can take. There are even numerous celebrities that are teetotal for a number of reasons; Fearne Cotton, Leona Lewis and Katy Perry are among just a few.


Drink changes people, I think seeing someone who is relatively sober who chats to you and can remember the conversation is more attractive. Go to places where you can actually see and hear people, because otherwise these romantic drunken hazes in nightclubs will become a memory you come to regret, if you can remember them.


I’m not about to start encouraging prohibition I just want people to take full value of their life. Having a cocktail or a pint can be a comforting wind down and give you confidence to chat to people, yet when your convincing yourself ‘just another’ is fine, my suggestion would be to put down the alcohol and go and live your life.


I just think that ‘living for the weekend’ is not the greatest motto to live by, because if you carry on you won’t live to the weekend.