The Best of Friends

Most of my columns are about relationships of the romantic kind, but in reality the bonds that have got many of us to where we are today, that have helped shape us, are those which tie us to our friends. And seeing as it’s Christmas, a time to reconnect with our loved ones, I thought what better time to be a sentimental sod!  So if you are lucky enough to be surrounded by the kind of people I am then you will probably recognise them in the following list:

1) You can tell them everything, yes everything. Things you know that no other person should have to bear witness to. From drunken debauchery to life changing choices there is no shame, no judgement just a lot of laughing and love when it’s needed.

2) You can trust them, completely, there is no concern that when you really need someone they will turn up. Who else will answer the phone at 3 in the morning without swearing at you? (well sometimes there is swearing but then they listen).

3) They make you laugh. Proper side splitting, stomach aching, tears sliding laughter. Being together is akin to a vigorous workout.

4) They don’t care about your weight for every pound lost and every pound gained, you are always the girl they fell in love with.

5) They listen, however many times you want to go back over it and however many times they have given you the same advice.

6) They protect you from all the risks and dangers of the world having them as a safety net is like living in bubblewrap.

7) They are straight with you, even when you definitely don’t want to hear it.

8) They bring a plethora of different perspectives and life experiences to your existence.

9) They are in so many ways different to you but at the same time totally the same.

10) They are the people that are constant through every life experience, nurturing during the lows and celebrating the highs.

So to all the wonderful friends that enrich and enhance our lives, Merry Christmas, and to my lot in particular a massive thank you, you make me feel like there is nothing I can’t do and I hope I do the same for you.