Those Girls

braggersI recently had a conversation with Craig, my best mate, about what I would do if he didn’t like my boyfriend. The word ‘nothing’ did not go down well. I didn’t mean nothing as in absolutely nothing. For example, if he came along and told me ‘Hey I saw your new boyfriend last night with four other girls, he was selling drugs to a Russian overlord’ I would probably have to do something. It seemed to him that my answer meant I valued a relationship more than our friendship, which is not true.


My first explanation for the ‘nothing’ was that I can’t exactly afford to stop talking to every person he doesn’t like. If I did I would probably be in my room rocking back and forth, cringing whenever I got to see the light of day. The second was that at the moment it would take a pretty amazing male for me to come round to having a boyfriend in the first place, so I’m fairly sure that I would like him a lot. When I have a boyfriend, I’m able to juggle him and my friends rather well, some people can’t. You know who they are, you see them every six months whenever they’ve been dumped. Though it doesn’t seem like six months from the amount of statuses they’ve put up on Facebook. The one’s claiming how much they love their man, ‘No really I do so much, he’s like the best thing ever’. Gag.


Why do girls do this? It might just be me, but all the male friends on Facebook, if they have a girlfriend they love, they still talk more about their Xbox than they do her. Is that a bad thing? Is it impossible for a girl to keep the details of their relationship well, inside their relationship? Why do I have to hear about it? Don’t get me wrong, if they’re in a relationship and happy that is their business. I just don’t see why their relationship happiness has to be professed on the internet. What I feel worse for is my computer screen, because it gets punched every time I see another declaration of love that would even make Romeo and Juliet run for the sick bucket.

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