Time To Fill The Glass Up

being single and happyWatching the news tonight it hit me – we Brits are never bloody happy. First it was a plea for more rainfall from an Anglian Water representative, as despite the incessant deluge, we are still ‘in drought’. Then the weather forecaster informed us just how much rain is to come. But this juxtaposition made me think how we are never truly happy with what we have.


We want sunshine, then when it comes we complain about being too hot and sunburned. I think it’s a national thing. We elect our politicians, expecting them to be morally superior to us, then when they behave as other politicians have done so, we act shocked and outraged. The only surprise is that we are still surprised by such shenanigans. But the glass half empty psyche really comes to light when we think about relationships and our bodies.


We want smaller/bigger boobs, a curvier/more-toned butt, smaller-feet/longer-legs *delete as appropriate*. We look at other women with longing for what they have that we so badly desire. The woman with the collection of designer shoes, the woman with the seemingly perfect marriage, the boss who looks stunning in a potato sack and effortlessly runs the company without a hair out of place. Equally so with the couple who finish each others’ sentences while you smile brightly realising you are the only single girl at the table; or the free spirit who religiously rejects the idea of marriage while you feel shackled to your man. But I can’t help but wonder – what’s it like to BE on the other side of the fence?


The Imelda Marcos devotee may be unable to sleep at night worried about her crippling debts (and crippling bunions); the boss may be watching her personal life fall apart and the only way she copes is by being fabulous at the office; the girlfriend might be sick of him reading her thoughts and always being viewed as half of a whole, incomplete without him. So I propose the following – we all take a moment to be thankful for the things we do have? As much as I found myself wishing for a boyfriend, while I was poorly, to bring me yummy nourishing homemade soup and soothe my manflu-like pain, I find myself being grateful for my singledom at the moment – because I have the freedom to do what I want.  That’s definitely a plus for me.  When the right thing comes along, I’ll go with it, but for now my mantra is – enjoy it all.  There are pros and cons to being single and being in relationships, but it is up to each of us to celebrate the good stuff – and our bodies – because let’s face it, life is tough enough.