To Marry Him Or Not To Marry Him?

To marry him or not to marry himThis question troubles most of the ladies who are all set to walk down the Aisle and take vows. They suffer from this dilemma till the very last moment. If she is doing the right thing? Has she chosen the right person? Rather than being sure that He is the one, she keeps on questioning herself, Is he the one?

Well, this unsurety is not something anomalous. It is bound to happen. But the issue is how to get rid of this feeling? How to identify if it is really love and not just the momentary fluttering of the heart?

I guess it is not at all easy to answer this question right away. After trying hard I was able to think of a one simple solution, but truthfully speaking, I have no idea if it is really going to help those troubled ladies or not. So, what you can do is, try it out and write back to me if it really helped you in lowering down your level of uncertainty or not.

From what I have understood after living almost twenty four years of life is,

Love may be unconditional and but a marriage demands sacrifices. More so from a woman’s part. There will be times when you may have to give up on a few things for your love, for the stability of your marriage. This is an inevitable fact and no one can deny it. So, if you feel doubtful about your decision to marry him, ask yourself,

Can I sacrifice anything for this man?’ Do not be frightened if the answer is a loud NO!

Ask yourself again, ‘Can I sacrifice something for this man?

Even if it is not as big as anything and it’s just a small something, I believe it will work out, because one plus one equals eleven. And that’s exactly what makes a plain simple love- a Great love.

Lately, I met a lot of people who never get tired of telling me that how Great their love is. But I could never understand this- on what basis they decide that their love is Great? What exactly is the difference between a mediocre love and a great love?

After putting this article into verse I, finally, got an answer- A great love is not about getting a partner who will bring you the stars and the moon, who can sacrifice anything for you. No! It’s about if you can sacrifice something for him, for his love.