To text or not to text, that is the question

To text or not to text, that is the questionIt is no secret that normally in my articles I try to impart some sort of wisdom, granted it may be slightly shoddy wisdom, or give you things to consider that you may not have before. However, this article is an exception as for once I am seeking your opinions rather than just telling you my own. I have let myself be struck down by a terrible disease…phone obsessitous.


When you are fifteen, surrounded by gossiping friends and texting your crush it is inevitable that you check your phone screen every two seconds. You analyse every single word, well if you can call text speak real words. When you receive a message saying ‘how r u?’ (winky face) you spend the next half an hour discussing what they really mean and should you send a lol or is that too forward? Yet, several dating years later, I find myself back in a similar situation with only a few minor differences. Instead of being surrounded by nosey mates, I am alone sitting on the sofa. Instead of the butterflies of excitement and anxiety, I feel confused. I am not texting a crush; I am messaging my wonderful boyfriend. We are currently in a long distance relationship and I have allowed the distance to make me question my girlfriend skills. Am I now over texting to compensate for the miles between us? Am I meant to adapt my phone call times around his new schedule? I seem to have become one of those people who twitch every time their phone buzzes and who edit each message three times before finally tapping the send button. In the back of my mind I think missing him has made me into a human puddle and as any communication becomes a thousand times more precious when you are apart for weeks at a time, I appear to have started abusing my text rights. To be quite honest it seems like a classic case of having too much free time which allows me to over think, my boyfriend probably hasn’t noticed and is continuing as normal.


So what do I do now to get past this? Well, this is where I turn to readers as I have no friends in long distance relationships so they are as blank as I am. Will my text obsession pass? Will I find my girlfriend feet again? Hopefully some of you will help me find the answer, until then who knows.