Toxic Relations

bad relationshipsWe have either been in a bad relationship or have known of others who have. A toxic relationship leaves most unhappy and feeling as though the world is on their shoulders.

Most, probably all, relationships will go through bad patches and it is more than likely couples will argue. However, these arguments should not leave you feeling mentally drained and be happening every time you are both together.

Constantly arguing means you are both at fault of making the same communication errors. Are you both listening to one another, taking turns to talk about your feelings, not interrupting and raising your voices, not bringing up past mistakes, keeping calm and not loosing your temper, resorting to violence?

Being constantly angry in a relationship will drive you both apart, but if it is a case where one is more argumentative than the other, that partner will eventually want out!

The Daily Mail in 2011 stated that couples will argue on an average 7 times a day, which is 2,455 times a year! The main reasons were not listening, overspending, laziness, what to eat for dinner, a dirty house, not saying I love you, not answering your phone, when to have sex and what to watch on tv.

If communication does not exist a relationship will not have progression and instead will slowly break down. You should never need to fight with your partner, there is a difference between fighting and a normal, healthy disagreement. There should be no name calling, threats, accusations, violence, controlling and manipulation. You should not be treated in a negative way or treat anyone as such. You will not always agree but there is a positive way to go when you and your partner do not see eye to eye.

Remember that differences are normal, you cannot change a person or how they think with force, learn to listen and speak without raising your voice, do not get defensive and close yourself off and learn to make peace as life is too short to argue over minor issues. Sometimes if all else fails it could be you are simply not right for each other and instead of being the couple who argue 2,455 times a year you may need to end that relationship for the sake of your sanity.