What About These Dark-Grey Men?


Whether it’s the Edward Cullen of the twilight saga or Mr. Christian Grey from the Fifty Shades series, there is something mystic about these dark men.  From cinema to literature and fantasy to daily life- they simply rule. You can’t beat their charm and you can’t get them out of your head. Here’s an attempt to understand- Why?

1. They are attractive and stylish-  Almost skeptical it sounds but that’s how our movies portray them. Try picking a dark character from any flick. Isn’t he extraordinary handsome? From his tuxedo to his cologne- everything is hypnotic! I fully blame the media for biasing our opinion that the dark men are always good looking.

2. Mysterious Behavior- They are cryptic and secretive. They have a reclusive nature which is intriguing and bothersome. They have a boundary around them which makes people curious. And this oddity is what makes them stand out!

3. Less talkative- I wonder if they are mysterious because they talk less or they talk less because they are mysterious. In any case, it’s for sure that these dark men don’t talk much, which not only adds to their charisma but draws people (especially woman) in. After all, every woman wants a man who can listen to her.

4. Repulsive to the opposite gender- Another thing that I’ve noticed about these grey characters is they try to maintain a distance when it comes to the opposite gender. Of course none of us like to be ignored. So, I guess it explains why you just can’t stop thinking about them.

5. Good lovers- Again thanks to the media, it is generally believed that these grey men are excellent lovers. They land into a woman’s life like a non functional light bulb. Find the problem, fix it and it will be all bright and shiny in the end.

6. Complicated past- How come most of them have undergone some tragedy in the past or had a complicated love life? Doesn’t it trouble you to look at a man who smiles but never laughs? Of course, it does! Because of their complex and piteous behavior, you can easily associate a feeling of deep sympathy with them. Unknowingly you share a bond with them (which isn’t necessarily love) and that’s another reason to feel affinity towards these dark men.

Experiencing  a fascination towards these men is something more logical than emotional. And my only advice to my readers is- try not to mix this attraction with love.

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