What’s Your Dating Achilles Heel?

Living at home with parentsWhether it’s an inability to notice the difference between friendly banter and serious flirting, rejecting potential dates on seemingly petty terms or seeming to only have feelings for the unavailable, there’s always that vulnerable chink in your armour.


If you’re an average 20 something, one common dating obstacle can be the factor of living at home, something that can prove a more effective contraception than anything we learnt about at school. It might be easy to laugh off a disastrous one night stand or bad date with flatmates or friends, but mum and dad? Somehow I don’t see a conversation that ends in ‘better luck next time’ or a similar sentiment. When you’re still being subject to the ‘where are you going’ enquiries it’s bad enough, but explaining you’re staying out all night or not calling? Forget thirteen and going on thirty; this is more like the reverse.


So what do you do when moving out is a financial impossibility, yet staying put means living the somewhat enforced life of a nun? Having been through more than a few scenarios that involved staying ‘with a friend’ or out with former work colleagues, the problem with lies is that eventually they catch up and you get caught out. Sometimes it can be easier to stop from getting involved and simply avoid having to come up with an appropriate story, but having (sadly) not been out with someone since I qualified as mid 20’s, what’s the alternative?


Sadly it appears there are two options at the moment: get creative with my stories to a level worthy of the writers from Lost or earn enough to move out. Being what is probably the world’s most unconvincing liar it seems that option 2 may be the only viable solution. Earn enough to move out equals own place to love, avoid all the questions and perhaps regain a dating/love life. That’s the plan, now the only problem is working out how?


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