Who Can Buy Love?

real love


I’m a bit baffled by how women’s self reliance is going out the window. How can women work for gender equality and then base a man’s date-ability from the size of his wallet? Romantic decisions based on finance? I didn’t know you had to ask for a credit rating nowadays.


The way I look at it, the simplicity of liking someone comes very easily, there’s the obvious attraction and the personality; and then the added extras that you find out as time goes on. I know someone who doesn’t date “servers’ as she calls them, I asked her what that meant and she simply replied, “You know those that don’t have any ambition and are happy working at a supermarket.” I did think at the time she’s certainly entitled to date who she wants but are that many women doing the same and discounting what could be an amazing person for a partner with more money?


I’m not going to blame it on anyone; I just think these women are VERY misinformed. It doesn’t take a genius to figure out they watch too many films. In real life gazillionare Richard Gere wouldn’t have climbed up prostitute Julia Roberts’s balcony and declared his undying love and promised to look after her and shower her with diamonds; she would have gone back to turning tricks and Gere would have carried on hiring his dates and eating his caviar.


I’m not saying settle down with someone you don’t love because I’ve convinced you there’s no possibility you can do better. My principle is to ask yourself what’s money got to do with a romantic decision? Absolutely nothing! Cinderella’s prince didn’t think, “Well I can’t love her, she was a domestic slave at one point and had a bit of bleach on her hands.” A person’s wealth doesn’t define them, it’s just another add on, because if a man is a bastard but buys you nice things it still doesn’t write off the personality, even if you have a new pair of shoes on your feet.


The saying “money makes the world go round” is a dangerous mantra to adopt; women who hope for a rich man are carrying a loaded gun, they need to base their decisions on love not money. Pairing the two ideals together is quite optimistic but not real. We all love a good Disney movie now and again but reality is where we live, and looking at romantic decisions with open eyes is the first step to finding love.