Who is the more irritating sex?

I’m under no illusions, I know both sexes can get right of your last nerve but I’ve been questioning lately who is the most annoying to their partners.
Laying it all out on the table, I know I can be annoying; come on girls admit it. I constantly whinge and moan and my crying tendencies can sometimes rival floodwaters. As much as my fiancé disagrees with me I know I can test his patience a lot. Yet, he has to put up with it as its part and parcel of my annoying characteristics.

I’m probably in a massive minority but I cant think of anything particular that my partner does that drives me to the brink. Obviously everyone has their faults but I’m very bloody lucky that he doesn’t go out drinking every weekend and prefers his Xbox to a few pints. I know some might say that’s worse but at least I know where he is and playing a few imaginary games isn’t doing me any harm while I’m upstairs watching Corrie.

When researching for this article I asked a few single friends what they find most annoying about men and the difference in habits shocked me. One of them said “I hate it when they text you really late asking you to come round” and another said “men lie and cheat”; it seems us in the relationships shouldn’t be whining about our other half watching football for a few hours on a Saturday afternoon. I also asked my fiancé what he found annoying about me and he wouldn’t give up any answers easily. Mentioning that he found it annoying when girls uploaded their entire life to the Internet I quickly checked I wasn’t overloading twitter and Facebook with irrelevant crap. Although he did add I didn’t do it, he said when I am being annoying he finds it funny and cute, ahh true love eh? Bull or not it’s what you want to hear.

I told myself I wouldn’t quote this but maybe men really are from Mars and women from Venus; the difference in what irritates us vary greatly. Even more so when you’re single, Bridget Jones really didn’t have it that easy after all.