Who’s The Boss?

Office-romanceI recently started a new part time job where a couple works together, one is a supervisor and the other just a team member. On the surface they seem fine with each other in work but the other day it was awkwardness central when they erupted into a fight where she told him to “get over himself.” I wanted to run off and leave them to it instead I stood there and watched as world war 3 commenced.

It got me wondering how couples that work together decide where the line is in work? If you’re the boss of your partner do you take it easier than what you would normally do because you love them or do you treat them like any other colleague?

I know at home my fiancé and me are both very stubborn, sometimes one of has to give in and it usually depends on who gets tired first. I can’t imagine fighting for precedence at work as well!

I think it takes a special kind of couple to work together and be happy with the situation; especially if one person is lower in authority than the other. Separating work and home must be hard, still having an identity in work instead of being known as the boss’ bit on the side and a variety of other agendas you have to discuss to be able to function with each other in a work environment.

My call would be to separate home and work if you’re in a relationship with your boss or colleague. Mutual respect to not bring stuff home can be the difference between an ideal situation and a break up.