Why Do We ‘Fall’ In Love?

falling in loveFalling in love, a phenomenon that can’t be explained by any logical reasoning or any coherent argument. In science also there is no concrete explanation of this anomalous conduct. Even Einstein failed to explain this phenomenon. All he could say was, ‘Gravity is not responsible for people falling in love’. Then what really is? What is the reason that you only fall in love, and not rise?


Isn’t love supposed to make you a better person? Doesn’t it make you a little bit more genial? A little bit more emotional and kind.


Love grants you that supernatural courage and insanity to do things that you wouldn’t have done otherwise. To be able to think and visualize from someone else’s perspective. To be able to feel the happiness of someone who isn’t blood related to you. That feeling of protecting that one special person from all worldly sufferings. To be able to stay awake for the consecutive nights to nurse your bed ridden husband. That sinking moment when your wife cries profoundly on your shoulder. And that rejoicement of the heart when you’re finally able to see each other after a month’s long wait. Doesn’t it appear magical how a small hug washes away the whole day’s tiredness? Doesn’t it make you feel proud that someone is relying on you? Doesn’t it make your life blissful when you take breaks (unintentionally) from your work just to think about that one person? Well, I am sure it does.


Love doesn’t only make you a better person. In fact it teaches you the most important thing that comes handy in every sphere of life – It teaches you to share your things. To share your time, your bed, your wardrobe, your cone of ice-cream and your tub of popcorn. It teaches you the art of living. But even after so many bestowments, we still refer to it as falling in love. Shouldn’t we be addressing it as rising in love? After all love does make you rise!


I don’t know about others but I, personally, have some serious reservations about the usage of this word- fall. To me it doesn’t make any sense in saying that ‘I have fallen in love’. And truthfully speaking, I would never want someone to fall in love with me. Eh! I am not kidding, I mean it! If love is destined to happen in my life then I wish that I will only rise in love, and will never fall.


Being able to love is a blessing and blessings don’t make people fall. If you think parallel, then drop a line at


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