Why she means the world to me!

Quite often, men are scared to tell someone how they feel, they don’t like to give their emotions away, not because they are scared of rejection, more because they are scared their mates will find out and give them hell at the pub that night. Well I’m not too sure I care if my mates give me hell, I’m witty enough to have a pop back.

Every morning I wake up, and if she isn’t there, I feel a little bit lost. I make sure I sleep on her side of the bed when she isn’t there, it’s a defence thing, I get defensive of that side, nobody else can have it except her, she owns it, and so when she isn’t there, I try and lie on that side, just so nobody else can (not that they would!!!) She also leaves a teddy, she sprays it with her perfume, so every morning, and night I can smell it (it’s a strong smell, she chucked the bottle on the poor thing) yet still when I wake up without her I am a little lost for things to do, so I end up going downstairs and watching crap TV.

When I see her, it feels great, she has this huge smile, it lights everything up, she is beautiful, and she can change a whole room with that smile, why? Because it’s infectious, and the best smile in the world. She always looks amazing. When she hasn’t got make-up on I still think she is the prettiest girl in the world. She has a personality to match, she is always laughing about something, and she has the cutest laugh in the world. It never seems to stop, and when it does, you want her to start again. She is always having a laugh at my expense, if it wasn’t funny I would tell her to stop, but even then she makes me laugh.

You will never meet a more generous person either, she is generous with her time, she will always take time to do something special for me. For example, I had never done a picnic before, and she decided to surprise me with one, she took time out to do that for me, small things like that make her amazing to be around.

She also likes to have a laugh and go out, get blind drunk, and suffer the headaches the next day, not because she is a drunk, but because she is fun, and likes to enjoy herself, and why not, it’s her life. She is great because she will always let me talk her into a KFC, even if she is trying to healthy eat, yet she will always come because she knows I want one.

She lets me put on CD’s in her car until I have burnt it out with my over-use of it, she takes me for drives in to the middle of nowhere, because she knows I like doing that. Generally, she is always doing things for me, and I don’t tell her enough how much I really love her…. Well….. I love you!!!

I think if we want people to know how much we love them, then maybe we should tell them, and not expect them to guess.


Sean Bromley