Why we’re not all after ‘Mr.Right’ right now

mr rightI am not in my room patiently waiting for my hair to grow 50ft so I can hang it from a window, awaiting a nearby prince to grab hold of it and climb up. I am not trying desperate attempts at loosing a shoe in a bid for a prince to return it and ask me for my hand in marriage and I am not even going to eat a deadly apple in a last ditch attempt that a prince can bring me back to life with a cheeky kiss.

I am quite contempt and comfortable plodding along, running around like a headless chicken juggling work, as well as writing and seeing my friends and family. Don’t get me wrong, bumping into ‘Mr. He-will-do’ is something I long for but I am realistic now in believing that Mr. Right or Perfect is simply a figment of my imagination.

The man of my dreams so to speak is never going to tick all my boxes such as…he must have a good career I understand, he should drive, he should not live with his parents over the age of 25 etc because in the end no one is ever going to be perfect. Holding out for those dates where you expect him to be Mr. Right is a deadly thing to a womans heart.

Instead of looking for a man you imagine marrying on date number one and falling into that bunny boiler category, why not just simply go on a date with a guy because you want to? However, right now I am simply not dating because the whole thing seems almost like a bid to prove to others that I am okay because as a young woman if you say I am single and not dating people assume the worse…maybe she is nursing that broken heart still, maybe she has turned into a lesbian or maybe she is scared of dating. Well, no, I simply am not dating because what is the need right now?

I am at peace with no worries about that first, second or third date, what he means when he texts that or if he really likes me after putting two kisses. I want to be free of the dating worries for a while yet, celebrating new years with my gorgeous friends and if I meet someone special then I do. As a young woman the scariest thing these days is not finding a huge spider in your bathroom but finding out all your friends have boyfriends, except you!

See, why should this give you the shakes? Being single and not dating is not the end of a womans life and dating should be fun if you are doing it. Don’t say ‘yes’ to every date for the sake of it, relax because there are other things that are just as important. Rather than highlighting men as my main priority in life, I circled my career and goals instead and if a guy happens to cross my path in the meantime then so be it.

So…to end this…other ladies who are single and are not dating relax, enjoy this free time and we will live happily ever after.


Sally Beerworth