Xclusivetouch’s Lock and Key Party at Funky Buddha

LS Mag / Xclusive Touch Valentine's Event  It is a cool, crisp London evening as I strut in my high tops through Mayfair. This is normally the one day a year when individuals hide away at home clutching the TV remote and when couples emerge to crowd the streets with over-sized bouquets and heart shaped balloons. That’s right, I am out on Valentines Day and I am taking a stand! Tonight I am representing all the singletons and girlfriends without plans and I am determined to show those PDA couple types how to have not just a good night, but a great night.

My destination is Funky Buddha where Xclusivetouch are holding a special Lock and Key event, and judging by the huge queue spilling out onto the street I can instantly tell that this is the place to be. I have never seen so many glamorous people all in one place, the latest must have dresses and the highest of the high heels are right in front of my eyes. I get a buzz of anticipation as I head inside, handed a surprisingly heavy duty lock as I enter. It may be a small touch but I can instantly tell that Xclusivetouch and Funky Buddha have pulled out all of the stops. I am at the event with fellow LoveScene writers Laura and Daniella, who like me, had been unsure of what to expect, but as soon as we walk down the stairs leading into the main club any apprehension is replaced with excitement. The venue is stunning with black walls and contrasting white leather sofas around the dance floor. A large bar lies in the centre of the room, yet it is the gorgeous vases of red roses  and the cocktail glasses filled with chocolates around the club that really catch my eye, a great touch.

Once I have taken in my surroundings I head off to find Julian, one of the Xclusivetouch team. He makes me feel instantly VIP by leading us over to a table next to the DJ booth, here he tells someone to make sure we always have a drink if we want one, it is now that I notice the huge bottles of vodka laying in ice buckets. I can’t help but smugly feel that we are being spoilt more than any girl out on a date tonight. I can’t wait to explore the venue and to check out their kissing booth, but I find myself unable to wander off as before I know it I am already dancing. The R’n’B remixes are clearly getting everyone ready to party as there is not a still person in the club, I blame Bug a Boo by Destiny’s Child for being so contagious. The tunes continued to blast out, 50 Cent Candy Shop being my personal guilty pleasure, and the night quickly gets into full swing.

Kissing BoothI finally peel myself off the dance floor and go to explore the Kiss Booth. It turns out that this is a professional photographer who has set up a room full of props and wigs just for club goers to have their own personal picture of the night. This isn’t limited to only those wishing to kiss, but to all of us up for a laugh. Laura, Daniella and I rush in grabbing sunglasses, devil horns and moustaches ready to pull our best poses. The pictures do not disappoint, I have never had such a high quality picture taken in a club. Every detail of this night has been designed to impress, and I must say that Xclusivetouch and Funky Buddha achieved this.

Relationship RemediesAs I rejoin the main dance floor, now blasting out house music, I can see a few giggling men trying their keys in a girl’s lock, and judging by the disappointment on their faces I don’t think they had any luck unlocking. I then see Julian again, except this time he is presenting a few lucky ladies with copies of Sam Owen’s book, Relationship Remedies. They look like they can’t believe that they are walking away with roses, a photo and now a fabulous book. This event definitely banishes the stereotype that only losers go out on Valentines (I had a man ask me if I was sad and lonely on the way to the event, charming) and has completely changed my opinion of Lock and Key events.

I finally force myself to leave around 2am, deciding to leave those who don’t need beauty sleep partying until 4am. As I walk past the bouncers and back onto Mayfair I can’t help but feel that Xclusivetouch have completely changed my opinion about being out on Valentines Day. As I walk home, humming Drake, I already know that I will definitely be back next year.