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The Kimono

Blake Lively wore hers on the Cannes red carpet, Kourtney Kardashian styled hers with some simple denim cut-offs, and Miley, well, Miley rocked hers with everything! Kimonos are a celebrity favourite, and you can’t blame them, their versatility knows no bounds! They appeal to our desire for boho chic, achieving the perfect balance between elegance [...]

Can technology and fashion unite?

When visiting a new Country, I always like to experience everything new, whether that be trying new foods or visiting new places. I am currently in Rome for a few months and this has allowed me to really explore the City and find some hidden gems. So in a way, what I’m going to write [...]

Ready for Spring: 5 wishlish items

1. Every girl needs an everyday handbag, and this beauty from Class International is so versatile. Inspired by the iconic and timeless style of Audrey Hepburn, this classic handbag in a navy hue will be a perfect accessory for spring, summer even winter! 2. For me, spring is all about experimenting with colours and patterns, and this [...]

Nicole Scherzinger unveils debut collection for Missguided

The former Pussycat Doll and Xfactor favourite Nicole has just launched her first collection for the fashion brand Missguided. The 30 piece collection takes influence from Nicole’s statement style, so expect to see an unfussy colour scheme, cut out details with plunging necklines and hints of leather throughout. As well as her own style, Nicole [...]

Wedding Dress Considerations

Did you find yourself fantasizing about your wedding day as a little girl?  Did you have your entire wedding planned out, with the groom being the last detail?  If this indeed sounds like you, it is likely that you have already been dreaming about that perfect wedding dress for some time.  Now that you are [...]

SS14 – Top Trends

It is that time again - fashion show season. The big capitals of fashion; New York, London, Milan and Paris, are all being whipped up into a frenzy over their shows and the latest trends soon to hit the catwalk. The top trends will be seen across the four international shows to set us up for [...]

Chic Networking presents the Liverpool Fashion & Lifestyle Event

On Sunday, December 1st, the Liverpool Hilton played host to the first ever Liverpool Fashion & Lifestyle Event. The project was put together by Chic Networking and Tiger PR to showcase the best of Liverpool’s boutique fashions and to allow local independent businesses to promote themselves and network with other businesses also in the fashion [...]

Missguided Peace and Love Collection 2013

With more and more celebrities jumping on the high street bandwagon, it’s unsurprising the success online brands such as Missguided has had. From Little Mix to Fern Cotton Missguided has developed a vast fan base and become a well-known brand famous for their budget prices and even more so for their style! This month Missguided have launch their [...]

Unique Tips To Show Off Your Eyes

The internet is filled to the brim with fashion advice on everything from which shoes to wear with the season, to trendy outerwear, to how best to pluck your eyebrows for a stunning look (okay, that last one’s a bit specific but it’s probably out there in more places than one!). Indeed, they say fashion [...]

‘Chunging It’: Become Alexa Chung’s Sartorial Mini-me

Alexa Chung. You love her, I love her. And after much intensive, laborious research – i.e.: a hour flicking through her style gallery on – I’ve ascertained the essential elements of dressing like our favourite British Style Icon (won 3 times, my gosh) to pass on the results to you. Here’s my (rather tongue-in-cheek) [...]

Dare To Bare? Jaimie Did!

            Too much chest? Too much leg? This has always been a dilemma for many women around the world but luckily for me, I always had my mum to guide me in the right direction and remind me that some things were better left to the imagination. This was obviously [...]

Winter Boots

While some may be irate over the falling temperatures, I look forward to the changing seasons. Some ladies prefer laying on the beach in flip flops and flats but, when the weather becomes chillier, I look forward to modeling my attractive scarves, beanies, blazers and, of course, my boots! To make sure you have the [...]

Primark Proves Its Worth

Despite Leeds bursting with culture, I’ve convinced myself yet again that shopping is the only way to pass the time and this week I found myself with a few hours spare rummaging through the rails at Primark. Primark or Primani to a few is best known for their affordable fashion on a budget and although [...]

Autumn Attire

I hate the cold weather, dull, dark and dreary, it’s not something I particularly welcome. But you know what they say, every miserable grey cloud has a silver lining…. that being the excuse to buy more clothes of course! Whilst I don’t like the weather I do love the autumn/winter fashion, burgundy, deep fiery colours, [...]

Everyone Needs A Muse

I have a shameful secret…until recently I didn’t like fashion. Well, perhaps not as strong as didn’t ‘like’ but certainly didn’t ‘get’. I was the girl who would feign family duties, lack of cash or even a smear test to get out of a shopping trip with friends. I didn’t understand why girls – in [...]

Accessories That Are Worth Investing In

You may not like shopping very much and when it comes to shopping for accessories…well, it may just not be as interesting as shopping for things like electronics, books or sporting equipment! But you also know that clothes make the man, and this means that you really do have to spend some time and some [...]


Many moons ago, when I first began filling those fleeting moments of spare time with the inspiring and delightful act of trawling through page after page of hip ‘n’ trendy fashion blogs, I discovered a blog called ‘Christeric’ and the blogger behind it – Christine. When I first unearthed this visual sartorial treat, I was [...]

The Party Season Countdown!

It’s mid-September. The last quarter of the year is almost upon us. October, November, December – my three favourite months for various reasons, including Christmas cheer, cosy hot drinks and of course, it’s party season. I’ve already seen signs popping up outside restaurants around the Square Mile and online ads and emails have been flying [...]


Luckily for us British island dwellers, (British being the operative word) a dominant outerwear trend featuring on the Fall/Winter 2013 catwalks is considerably heavy duty. This year, we will have no reason to fearfully dodge the blistering cold and bitter winds of winter because fortunately, the principal coat style of Fall/Winter 2013 is big and blokey. [...]

Browsing Through History

Full yet effortlessly groomed eyebrows perched above large doe eyes dominated Audrey Hepburn’s signature look. It wasn’t just her symmetrical beauty and deep heron eyes that her eloquently arched brows represented; it was her strong presence in a post-war world of class mobility and a burgeoning popular youth culture, where she was she was able [...]