12 Reasons We Deserve a Chanel or Mulberry…

Chanel bag1) We smile sweetly at whoever asks, “Why are you still single?” rather than headbutting them into hell!

2) We tolerate the strange and unusual when travelling on public transport

3) We tolerate the strange and unusual men! Pah!

4) We never got sucked into the so-called trend of gold shiny leggings and we don’t wear leggings as an alternative to jeans! Such an ugly thing to do!

5) The days we are hungover, we fool people into believing we are fresh as a daisy, well, for a few hours at least!

6) We have convinced ourselves that cupcakes, McDonalds, cocktails, chocolate, chips and pizza are healthy and include our 5 a day fruit and veg intake!

7) We refrain from slapping a chav for wearing reebok! It’s like 2011 and tracksuits still resist deletion!

8 ) We try our very best to use pleasant language when angered and the F word only comes out when we have surpassed all reasoning.

9) We still manage to smile at 9 in the morning!

10) We politely say “Excuse me” to people who queue-jump, rather than unleashing a trail of abusive, unprintable words!

11) We do not walk around with visible bra straps!

12) Because it is still not summer and there is no sun. Now where’s the Chanel bag?

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  1. Missy says:

    It’s all about the Chanel 2.55! God, I love that bag!