Christina HendricksAt first glance the title is mere digits with two letters, look harder and you will realize it’s the measurements of a real woman, a woman specifically named Christina Hendricks.

The Mad Men starlet has rose to fame and put her hour-glass stamp firmly on television for all to recognise, to the point where Marc Jacobs himself is considering using size 14 in his designs, which is the average size for many UK women. Yet the hourglass heroine still finds it a struggle to find designer dresses to wear to award shows. Hendricks has stated that many designers refuse to loan her dresses to such shows and that the international fashion industry, including Versace, Chanel and Armani, cannot cope with her voluptuous curves. Although the public have welcomed her figure with open arms, no designers will give her a dress as the dresses themselves only come in sizes 0 to 2.

It was Zac Posen who designed her that lavender feathered frock for the Emmy awards and it was Christian Siriano from Project Runway who made her an estimated size 14 peach gown and black number for the Creative Emmys. So why is it that Versace, Chanel and other leading designers cannot step up and start being more inclusive?

Not all of the Hollywood starlets, more importantly not all women, come in sizes that range from 0 to 2. The thin ideal still weighs in as a tough contender against the hour-glass and refuses to share the limelight, which leads to the conclusion that Hendricks is too curvy for red carpet.

If other designers can cater to a voluptuous figure then others should take example and follow, whilst at the same time erasing the size 0 idea.

Hendricks is not going anywhere any time soon, neither is the hour-glass figure, so the thin ideal has to stop being stubborn at some point and give way to the real woman.