Velvet Your Winter

Carolina Herrera - AW11One of my best childhood memories is when my mother bought me a deep red velvet dress to wear for my lead role at my pre-school recital. Personally I have always associated velvet with cosiness and nobility, it gives off that royal aura, whilst the softness and soothing of it wraps around your body.


Throughout the past months I have been cluelessly stocking up on velvet items, I’m not quite sure if the fashion gods have been trying to tell me something or it was my fashion genes at work. Turns out velvet is going to be one of hottest trends this season. I have seen it around in shops and it’s slowly creeping up with some of the hottest trends like Navajo and Aztec designs. Some designers such as Jesús del Pozo and Roberto Cavalli have incorporated velvet in their designs for the Autumn/Winter 2011-12 collections.


Velvet brogues

Velvet is timeless, it is both vintage and modern. High street shops like Topshop, H&M and Urban Outfitters are also doing a number on velvet with their seasonal items such as day dresses, evening dresses, shoes, etc. My favourite velvet purchase this season are some Kimshi&Blue velvet brogues I brought from Urban Outfitters during the mid-season sale. I can tell you that each day I have worn them they have never failed to get me one or two compliments.


Velvet clothing

By Calie Calister


  1. Sharon says:

    ohhh I luv Velvet too!!! I knew I wasn’t alone!!

  2. Dee says:

    I absolutely wanna get a velvet dress one!! sexy!!!

  3. Rudo says:

    i need to find me a freakum velvet dress after reading this.

  4. Xercy says:

    We all need some Velvet in our closets. Much love for VELVET

  5. blowies nigga says:

    ohhh I luv Velvet too!!! I knew I wasn’t alone!!… need to get me one of those yeah

  6. blowies nigga says:

    it feels soooooo smooth

  7. Tsitsi says:

    Great post, who’s the designer of the dress in the main picture?

  8. LoveSceneMag says:

    Carolina Herrera from the AW11 collection. If you hover your mouse over images on the site you will find a tag to assist you. Thank you for visiting.

  9. Dee Gee says:

    its great staff in there the velvet shoes!

  10. Matiepm says:

    Just as well, been looking for a dress for a function im attending in 3weeks…..velvet its gonna be!