A Different Shade of Blue

Fendi SS12‘Feeling blue’ seems to have a whole new meaning this spring/summer 2012. No longer will it be associated with sad moods but with striking colours that would even put a peacock to shame!


Spring is inviting the Mediterranean and cobalt blues, as well as the aqua’s and navy’s to bring a sense of freshness to the catwalks and your wardrobes!


These colours of blue have been the most popular and eye-catching within the shows in New York and London. The theme itself has been based around the ocean, from seahorses and shells, to beautiful and mysterious mermaids.


Sarah Burton for Alexander McQueen featured Grecian-goddess inspired gowns which were supported by her three Gs; Gres for the pleating and draping, Gaudi for the architecture and Gaia for the oceanic life theme that engulfed the gowns. The coral and oyster shades, along with the copper, silver and gold brought in effect the idea of pirates and buried treasure. Barnacle patterns mixed with silk chiffon and lace added the delicacy that was needed.


Versace SS12In addition to Burton’s take on the ocean, Versace featured an underwater theme which was built up around the idea of sirens and mermaids. Seahorses and starfish were formed from gold studs, and the jewellery was again in relation to this theme. Gold rings and hooped earrings were in the shape of thick stars and sea life. Against the white clothing and pastel shades of blue, the gold studs brought a tough-edge to the whole collection.


Ricardo Tisci for Givenchy based the collection on the story of a surfer and a mermaid falling in love. His sequined and metallic shades mixed with marine brought the story to life. Shark tooth necklaces adorned most of the models necks and the shapes were bodycon, clinging to each form, almost as though it were a mermaid’s tail.


Although the ocean seems a far cry away from city life, it still can be found in many stores. The theme itself is going to be one of the strongest for spring/summer 2012 and will only strengthen your wardrobe!