A Fashion Week First

Somerset House during LFW


I can vividly recall the moment when fashion lured me into its fickle grasp… I was standing in a school corridor wearing denim flares, and a pink studded t-shirt. Naturally and rather cruelly, this look is a lot more chic right now then it was back then, hence the merciless teasing of my class mates. The following term I emerged slender in a pair of slim fit jeans and simple tee, and the reaction of shock and silence triggered a rather new and conflicting feeling. The power of dressing in a certain way, a way previously unknown to me had fallen into my lap. That and a succession of Pilates classes.


Since then, my love for fashion has intensified, making life more enjoyable and expressionate. Most self-proclaimed fashion fanatics tend to be attracted to the glamorous aspect of it: the parties, and so called “celebrity” worshiping… Me? I love the theatrical side. Street style, laid back luxe and day to day images of “effortless dressing” never really appealed to me. Call it an embedded love for costume and theatrics so many of us Brits seem to possess, or the satisfaction of a simple vision transforming into something extraordinary on the catwalk. To say it excites me is an understatement.


So when the opportunity arose to actually go to London Fashion Week, I was thrilled, nervous, full of apprehension but mostly excitement. I didn’t care if I didn’t attend one single show; just being at Somerset House among the fashion elite was enough for me. To walk those infamous cobbled streets; to eat, sleep, breathe and absorb all things fashion uninterrupted was amazing. Seeing bloggers, press and fashion notoriety was as surreal as it was thrilling.


But the real excitement occurred when I ventured in to discover the exhibition. Two floors showcasing over 100 new designers from milliners and jewellery designers to ready-to-wear collections. Sophia Webster with her Aztec open-toed booties and her fresh feminine take on shoe design, and Michael Van der Ham, whose multi faceted designs featuring chiffon and traditional knitwear attracted me from the offset. Being able to peek into the work of future catwalk contenders was exhilarating and a real treat to see firsthand the talent pouring out of London’s great fashion schools.


The click clack of designer heels may have already teetered their way across to Paris, but the buzz I experienced at LFW is one I hope I have the pleasure of experiencing time and time again.


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