A Shock To The Season

Dolce and Gabbana AW12The first AW12 catalogue thumped through my letter box this morning. Short of causing an almighty thud and nearly knocking the dog unconscious it seemed especially premature, even somewhat unnecessary with our characteristically disappointing weather. It seems we’ve barely gotten a sunburnt shoulder into summer’s hottest dresses when the autumnal checks and cognac pelts are thrust upon us but such is the ever evolving nature of fashion. Here’s just a snippet of what’s to come.


Jacquard looms

Noun: A heavy silk, cotton, or woollen fabric with a raised design, often in metallic threads.

Spotted: Brocade was popular in the renaissance period not only because it suggested wealth and status, but because it was naturally so rich and extravagant that no further embellishment was needed. The same could be said for Dolce and Gabbana, whose AW12 shows succeeded in creating the most sumptuous collection of black and gold brocades to re-create the same drama and opulence.


Fables and fairytales

Noun: A story, usually for children, about elves, hobgoblins, dragons, fairies, or other magical creatures.

Spotted:  Mulberry’s ‘A forest fairytale’ AW12 campaign features model-of-the-moment Lindsey Wixson with a shoot inspired by ‘mysterious expeditions, explorers and dark fairytale’s’. The result is pleasantly reminiscent of Where the Wild Things Are and the playful edge we have come to expect from Mulberry. Elsewhere, designers mixed fairytales, film and fiction inspired tees to their collections. Think of it as mythical band tees, if you will.


Mary Katrantzou AW12Monochromatic

Noun: Having or appearing to have only one colour.

Spotted: Everywhere! Cavalli, Versace, Moschino, but who needs name dropping with such a perfectly versatile trend. Work it black, white or both. Girly and feminine or structured and masculine, there’s an option for everyone. Or make like Sarah Burton and dress in stark white for a fresh, clean feel. Febreze anyone?


Peculiar prints

Noun: Unusual, strange, or unconventional.

Spotted: Mary Katrantzou had everything from cutlery to typewriters in her collection. Quirky, eccentric and just plain random prints on places completely unexpected but no less appreciated. A sure to be favourite for pattern lovers everywhere and one the likes of blogger Susie Bubble and London Street style fans will almost certainly fall for.


Noun: A line going at an angle, first one way, then sharply the opposite way.

Spotted: No stranger to the zigzag, Missoni, naturally led the way here but House of Holland, Miu Miu and James Long also took the plunge. See J-Crew’s aqua and lime tee paired with contrasting print trousers for a more subtle way of working the trend.