Accessories That Are Worth Investing In

You may not like shopping very much and when it comes to shopping for accessories…well, it may just not be as interesting as shopping for things like electronics, books or sporting equipment! But you also know that clothes make the man, and this means that you really do have to spend some time and some money on the things you wear. Fortunately, there are some short cuts you can take in this endeavour, and one of them is to invest in timeless accessories. Although the initial investment may be a bit high, the right accessories will endure the passing of the years if they are sturdily constructed and timelessly fashionable. So what are some good accessories that you should consider purchasing?

Invicta Reserve Women's Bolt Quartz Chronograph Silicone Strap Watch


Are watches passé thanks to things like cell phones and tablets which tell the time for you? Well, some may argue yes, but most would argue no. Watches are not only a good way to tell if the bus is running late or your appointment is going to go long, but they can also set off your outfit very well. Choose watches which are sturdy and will suit the places you wear them-formal watches with metal and leather for the office and digital watches with more plastic for sporting events. Avoid bright colors or anything that resonates solely with the hottest trend of the moment, as you watch will undoubtedly last longer than any passing fad.

There are all types of watches out there so you may be feeling a little confused by your options! Start your search with the Invicta line of watches from Shop HQ because you can get both formal and sporting watches, metals and leather, fancy and simple all in one place. And considering their design, they’re actually not bad on the wallet either. Another good place, if you have the cash, is to check a local jewellery shop as most of them also carry beautiful pieces.


Hey, you need something to carry your cash, credit cards and other cards! Opt for a wallet that is durable and will carry precisely what you need without creating unsightly bulges. If you only carry a card and a bit of cash, then a slim billfold will suit you fine and can fit in the back pocket. If you have to carry a lot of stuff such as passports, pens and many cards, then a larger billfold that can go in your suitcase or coat is probably better. And if you just carry cash, go for a money clip that can fit in your front pocket.

Whatever you need, choose something made from leather as they will stand the test of time and will always be “in”. Black or dark brown are considered to be the most professional colors and are sure to leave a positive, manly impression.


You have a place to carry your cash and cards, but what about the rest of your stuff? A good briefcase, notebook case or mailman satchel are important and it’s even more important to choose bags which suit your needs and your destination. A leather briefcase in black or brown is always a good pick; you can carry your paperwork and extra pens and even a tablet while a larger case can carry more papers and your laptop. Dark colors are considered more polished than light colors, and will compliment a wider variety of outfits. Show up to an interview with a bag from Coach, and the room will undoubtedly be impressed.

Gems en Vogue II 1.12ctw Raspberry Sapphire Square Band Ring‘Jewellery’

You may, or may not, wear much in the way of jewellery, but there are a couple things to consider adding to your wardrobe: cufflinks if you wear French cut shirts and tie bars/chains/tacks. These things are good because they can add just a little extra sparkle to your clothing and they are genuinely useful during special occasions. Cufflinks keep your cuffs from looking sloppy or falling into things while a tie bar/chain/tack keeps your tie from flying all over the place!

You should probably have at least two sets of cufflinks and start out with simple designs that are silver or solid coloured as they will add polish without going over the top. As you feel more comfortable wearing them, you can start adding more unique pieces. As for tie accessories, choose simple tie bars or tie chains. You probably shouldn’t bother with a tie tack unless you wear wool ties; they destroy silk ones.


Finally, it’s important to consider what’s protecting your eyes because headaches and crow’s feet are never in style! Fun colors may be in at the moment but, if you’re looking to splurge, go for some quality aviators that remain as popular as their debut in the 1930’s. And don’t forget to spend some money on their accessories too; things like a good case and non-scratch pads can add years to the life of your sunglasses.

At first, you may think that all of this shopping for accessories is an expensive nuisance. But if you actually take the time to shop around, spend the money, and then take care of your accessories, these things will last you a long time, will look good over the course of their lifespan and can really give your wardrobe the final touches it needs. Things like briefcases, sunglasses and tie clips will always be in fashion and always be necessary, so be efficient: buy them once and wear them whenever they are called for. And try to have a bit of fun with it; remember that accessories and clothing not only ‘make the man’, but they also tell others about your personality at a glance, so take the time to choose things which really speak to you, your style and your life.