Adidas Woman

AdidasMy outfit for the gym has to be the most unattractive piece of clothing that is present in the whole of my wardrobe! It consists of a pair of black, baggy joggers, a green vest and a pair of Adidas trainers. The sweating I do in the gym is not actually from the workout I am doing, but more the fear of being seen by a guy who knows me.


I thought it was about time I revamped my gym outfit into something that was a lot more flattering and more importantly would not resemble something Vicky Pollard would wear! However it is not only about looking good but feeling comfortable, it is especially more important for women. The right sports bra and supported top can give us more confidence.


After a lot of online browsing, I found that the sports brand Adidas catered for more looks and needs, especially for women. More importantly their outfits were still attractive in appearance.


Adidas Fluid TrainerTheir range of Fluid Trainers meant that feet were comfortable in a shoe that was lightweight and flexible. Fluid Trainer, Fluid Trainer Varsity and Fluid Trainer Light 2.0 come in colours which range from black, purple, white, yellow and green. These trainers were funky in colour yet still meant feet went without any painful blisters!


The range of Techfit/Adilibria is a look based on a layered style, which enhances a woman’s silhouette with the techniques of lift and hug zones in all the right places. Adilibria Core Kick Pants, Adilibria Three-Quarter Cuffed Pants, Adilibria Woven Shorts, Adilibria Techfit Seamless Tank and Adilibria Three-Quarter Straight Leg Tight were attractive in appearance and could easily be matched with other items of sports wear. These items seemed best suited for jogging or workouts on machines.


Lumina features more comfortable and soft fabrics, perhaps more ideal for Yoga and Pilates than that of the Techfit/Adilibria range. The Lumina range allows more freedom in movement and to focus on your inner self. Lumina Image Pants, Lumina Image Tank, Lumina Strap Tank and Lumina Image Cover Up were the main items of the range.


Core Performance’s range was apparel that ensured more of a hard workout. Core Performance Indoor Cycling Padded Short Tight Adidasand Core Performance miCoach Indoor Cycling Tank would be items best suited to perhaps cycling or a spinning class.


Adidas’s Clima range is largely based on climacool ventilation, which aims to keep you cool from start to finish in your workout. This featured the Clima 75 Trainers, Clima 75 2.0 Trainers, Clima 365 Slim Knit Pants and Clima 365 Feminine Tank.


Adidas’s range strongly meets the requirements of looking good yet feeling comfortable and confident enough to run on a treadmill! The colours are vibrant and make you feel energetic, which is very important when dragging yourself to the gym. So at last, we can now have a gym outfit that may even stand out from our going out ones!



  1. LoveScene Magazine says:

    It is so easy to think, “I’ll just look like a tramp, it’s only the gym”, but it makes a massive difference to your mental state (and thus achievement)if you feel good in your gym outfit, even if you workout at home! Useful article.

  2. Issy says:

    Thanks! It makes a massive difference and makes you feel the part too!