All Creatures Great and Small

Nasir Mazhar headwear - AW 11-12As London Fashion Week is all but wrapped up, I am incredibly happy to say that my personal favourite pattern, leopard print, remains on style for the year to come. Alongside leopard print the whole animal kingdom appears to follow, zebra, cheetah, and even Dalmatian prints and furs dominate new Autumn/Winter 2011-12 collections. With the rise of these animal inspired prints, also comes the rise in use of faux-fur materials rather than the real deal.


Faux fur items could be found at London Fashion Week with hot new designer Nasir Mazhar’s headwear range. He uses neon-faux fur fabrics to create these entirely original pieces.


Another gorgeous faux fur item featured was a huge 1940′s style chocolate faux-fur lapelled coat in the new Topman range.

French Connection London Coat


Naturally at both New York and London Fashion Weeks, there was still plenty of the real deal, however, things may be about to change. Commenting at New York Fashion Week, Karl
Lagerfeld stated, “For the winter, the big trend is fake fur. Not real fur, fake fur.”


It goes without saying that Lagerfeld is a man to trust, so why not try investing in a little faux fur. French Connection have designed this stunning ‘London Coat’ to celebrate fashion week, complete with faux-fur lapels and perfect for this winter.


So if you do feel guilty about spending your savings on the London Coat, at least you wont feel guilty about where the fur came from.


Topshop AW 11-12

If fur, faux or not, isn’t for you then it seems you would be hard pressed to find any store which doesn’t stock some animal inspired styles. Looking to the high-street, I will admit that I did think Topshop were mental with their antler headbands, faux fur head-pieces and badger hats in last year’s autumn collection.


However, it seems that as usual Topshop has set the trend miles ahead of time. Although I won’t be dressing as a woodland creature from day to day, I do adore the animal inspired pieces that have filtered through to the high street. Check out these amazing creations.






Needless to say I am incredibly impressed by this season’s animal trends, and it does alleviate a little of the guilt I feel for admiring Cruella Deville’s style whenever I watch 101 Dalmations. And it may just be me who is so easily pleased that I can look down at a squirrel on my jumper and be instantly cheered up. Just make sure you don’t mention a fondness for a certain animal anytime near your birthday. Not to say I wasn’t grateful for an influx of owl-related gifts.