America’s Next Top Model: Cycle 15, Episode 7

Liz as John Galliano on ANTM - Season 15 - Episode 7I hope that you have all had a very happy Valentine’s Day! I must say, I didn’t watch this week’s episode when it aired on Sky the other night, but after an over indulgent Valentine’s Day it was a treat to catch up on Sky player this morning with my hang-over tea and toast!

For this week’s challenge, the models paired up and were told to choose an outfit for their partner that they would wear to the Grammys. They were given just a minute to confer and describe their preferences to each other. Kayla and Liz won the challenge; Kayla was then told that she was the overall winner and would be presenting an award at the Grammys this year. Ann and Chelsey were paired up and I was unimpressed because Chelsey chose a beautiful dress for Ann, and she was praised for it, while Ann chose a fugly dress for Chelsey that was five sizes too big and thus Chelsey was berated for looking uncomfortable!

This episode was visual candy as the models were allocated designers that they had to dress up as, and then pose alongside a professional model wearing that designer’s clothes. They had to exude their own personality as well as the designer they were representing. This episode stood out to me as being one of the most fabulously fashionable thus far as there was a huge range of iconic designers.

My favourite girl throughout the series, Kayla, was given Vivienne Westwood as her designer, and she looked fabulous! Her hair was curled and she radiated the pure punk glamour that Westwood is so famous for. This week, previous underdog Liz shone as she was given John Galliano as her designer. In the past few weeks Liz was viewed as one of the less competent models as she complained frequently in the shoots that she was uncomfortable. Tyra told her that she needed to suck it up if she wanted to continue in the competition and stressed that being a top model meant always posing in a way that makes the photographer happy even if one is in physical pain. I felt genuinely sorry for her; a few weeks ago her contacts were slipping, and it is agonising when they do, but the judges dismissed her as a diva! However, this week she looked stunning as she stepped into the role of John Galliano with ease. My personal favourite shot this week was Chris, who was allocated Betsey Johnson. She looked fabulous and full of life as she jumped in the air next to her model. I usually love Jane, (she has a Parisian beauty quality) but as she had to dress up as Marc Jacobs she flopped and wasn’t able to fully adapt to the role.

The girl that was eliminated this week was Kendel as she failed to capture the spirit of modest yet iconic Vera Wang. Tyra Banks told her ‘maybe you were born to be a model, but you don’t have the skills’. It was a shame to see her go; she is a stunner, but her performance this week did fall rather flat.

I’m excited for next week’s episode, as America’s Next Top Model seems to get better and better each week. Bring it!