America’s Next Top Model: Cycle 15, Episode 8

Chelsey on ANTM S15 E8This week’s episode kicked off with a catwalk show, where the girls had to work along side runway models wearing designer Zack Posen’s Z Spoke collection. The professional models were taken aside and told to be purposefully bitchy to the girls. The aim was to ‘see how well they dealt with the pressure’. It was increasingly obvious that this was more for the entertainment of the viewer than the benefit of the girls. Ann, previous golden girl unfortunately crumbled under the pressure. Posen, however, did comment on how he thought her look was unique. Esther tried her best but didn’t do very well either. Liz, who was still on a high after winning best photograph last week, the judges were the least impressed by as her walk down the runway came off as being a little bizarre. Chelsey and Kayla wowed Posen the most out of all the girls; they both wore his collection with grace, and had obvious admiration for his designs. However, Chelsey (who usually seems to blend in to the background) won over Posen the most with her elegant walk and subsequently was given five of his looks from his collection as a prize. His clothes were beautiful; androgynous with bold block colours (very in this season). Lucky Chelsey!

For the main challenge, it was announced that the girls would be recorded on video for an advertisement for a drink. They were told that they would each be roller-skating towards a guy, and then kissing him. At this point, Kayla looked particularly unhappy, and burst into floods of tears. One of the judges took her aside, and she finally admitted that she was sexually assaulted when she was younger and so now she feels very uncomfortable being close to men. Although her dilemma was met with sympathy, she was told that she needed to pull herself together in order to complete the challenge, and that she obviously needed counselling because she hadn’t dealt with the issue in healthy way. Poor Kayla! I was devastated for her! She was amazing though, and pulled through and did the recording. She didn’t look super happy about it, but she did it. I was so proud of her! Ann also appeared very nervous and upset, and said that she was going to look ridiculous because she is so tall.

At the end when the girls stood before Tyra and the judges, each video was played back. The judges were particularly angry at Liz for not taking the challenge seriously, and laughing all the way through. Liz burst in to tears and rattled on about how the whole thing means so much to her because she has a child (broken record Liz, try harder!). Chelsey who won the previous challenge, unfortunately didn’t do very well either as Tyra described her as being very wooden. When discussing who should leave, one of the judges even mentioned that he was up all night figuring out what he would have done differently for each girl, but forgot about Esther entirely! Ann looked like a deer in headlights for the entirety of her ad; she was terrified and forgot most of her lines. Chris’s ad shone brightly in comparison; she was very cute and charismatic and subsequently won best video. The judges were impressed by Kayla’s video and Tyra was especially bowled over by how easily she identified with Kayla.

When it became apparent that Esther and Ann were the bottom two, it was immediately obvious that Esther was going to go home. Although stunning, her performance recently has been quite drab and easily forgettable. Also, Ann seems to dazzle most of the modelling industry’s professionals with her unusual beauty. I wasn’t greatly upset by Esther leaving; although she is beautiful she didn’t seem to want to win as much as the other girls!

More than ever I want Kayla to win as she managed to overcome some horrible issues in order to stay in the competition this week! Come on Kayla!