America’s Next Top Model: Cycle 15, Episode 9

ANTM Cycle 15, Episode 9So the competition is getting very fierce now! Beautiful Esther left last week, and we are now down to our final six!


This week’s episode started with gorgeously androgynous drama queen Liz saying how she always laughs whenever she feels awkward in explanation of her less than adequate performance last week. Ann also expressed how nervous she’d been feeling because she was in the bottom two last week. J Alexander suddenly entered the model house, and announced that the girls were going on a bike ride. They all hopped on their bikes and rode to a bridge in Venice Beach where J Alexander told them they would be jumping off it for a shoot. The girls looked on at the dirty river in shock and horror when out of nowhere Tyra Banks sailed in on a gondola, shrieking about how she had asked to be taken to Venice in Italy, not Venice in L.A! Tyra then explained that they would in fact be shooting with photographer Simone Falcetta in Venice (Italy)!


The girls went home and excitedly packed their bags. On arrival to Venice, the girls had lunch and settled in to their hotel. They were all so happy, and Kayla even mentioned how Ann has come out of her shell so much since the beginning of the show: “She’s growing not only as a model, but a person!”.


The excitement was slightly overshadowed when a bird poo-ed on some of the girls as they gleefully jumped up and down with on the balcony. Chelsey then mentioned away from the scene how Liz wouldn’t stop moaning about it – which didn’t do much to disprove that she’s a diva!

The shoot with Simone Falcetta looked fabulous! A male model sat on a flower-adorned gondola on one of the canals in Venice; this model was to play the part of Casanova in the shoot. Kayla immediately expressed her disappointment with her performance last week in the advertisement, and said how she was going to focus on doing her best even though she would be working around men which she finds slightly uncomfortable (your commercial was one of the best last week Kayla, you did really well, don’t be so hard on yourself!). The girls were dressed up in lots of corsets and petticoats, despite the burning heat. They had aristocratic makeup applied, with little hearts and stars as beauty spots for some of the girls. First up on the gondola were Chris, Liz and Kayla. Kayla settled into the shoot with ease, and the photography director immediately commented on how she owned the shoot. Chris, on hearing this, realised that she needed to pull some of that focus on her, so began getting quite intimate with the male model, even putting her tongue in his ear! Liz also started fussing (again) about how uncomfortable she was, which irritated both the photographer and the director of the shoot! Next up were Chelsea, Ann and Jane. Jane immediately expressed how she felt like she understood the context of the shoot the best, and thus it would work to her advantage. Chelsea also looked the part, and seemed very comfortable in the shoot. Ann, however, didn’t do very well, much to the other girls’ delight. She looked very uncomfortable and, despite Falcetta’s best efforts, couldn’t adjust to the role. It then started to rain, so they wrapped up the shoot.


It was then announced that the girls would now be going to Milan! The girls all got very excited!


They were shown their new apartment. Jane and Chris expressed how disappointing it was in comparison to the flats that contestants were given in previous seasons of America’s Next Top Model! After they were a little settled, Tyra Banks walked in and did the tour with them. She explained that they should be grateful because when she was starting out as model, she had an apartment far less lovely, and that it was to get them used to how life as a model was actually going to be.


The girls were taken to the creative house of Missoni where they were dressed up before Margherita Missoni (heiress to the Missoni empire, and model for IMG) appeared, and it was announced that she would be one of the judges this week.


The girls then stood in front of the judges wearing pieces from Missoni’s Autumn 2010 collection. First up was Chelsea; Nigel loved her look and it was commented that she owned the shot even though her eyes were closed, which is rare. Up next was Ann, whom the judges said looked incandescent and aristocratic. The judges commented that Chris has lost her Teen Vogue look, but she didn’t work as part of the picture, and would’ve worked far better if she had been on her own. The judges couldn’t agree on Liz: half of them said that she looked slutty; the other half said they thought she looked very strong and modern. It was unanimously agreed, however, that she didn’t look as dedicated to the shoot as the other girls.


Kayla won best photo of the week, which has absolutely thrilled me! She looked so fabulous! The judges said that it looked as if she had already had Casanova, and knew she was going to have him again! The runner up was historian Jane, who looked pouty and sensuous in her shot.


Chris and Liz were then asked to step forward and I was immediately a little disappointed inside, because I knew at that point that Liz was going home. Margherita Missoni had said that she thought Liz’s shot was tasteless, and borderline offensive. Tyra Bank’s closing speech to Liz was “Your life as a model isn’t over, and you haven’t failed your daughter by not winning the competition”. Poor Liz was devastated, and said the only person she wanted to see was her daughter, but she was glad for the experience of going to Venice and Milan.


Goodbye Liz! I’m sorry to see you go, and despite my previous sympathy with you, you did fuss an awful lot during shoots! Will Ann now try and take this opportunity to bring it back?  Will Chris be the next to be eliminated? Only next week’s episode will tell!


Image courtesy of Sky Living