America’s Next Top Model: Cycle 15, Finale

ANTM - Cycle 15 Winer - AnnSo the best of the best won.  Yay!  I couldn’t be happier.  She is the one who should have won, she was the only real model in the entire series, unfortunately.  She is the only one you could see getting booked time and time again by the biggest designers… all because of that portfolio.


Ann screamed top model from day one.  No, not because she won best picture 5 weeks running and by doing so broke a record on America’s Next Top Model but because she screamed top model from the very beginning.  Every week her pictures were so editorial it was like watching a pro.  She knew how to move (okay, maybe not on the catwalk), she knew how to pose, how to display the right emotion and the right expression.  Every one of those first five photos were scarily good and I just loved looking at them.  My absolute favourite was the one in the boxing ring.  It was so intense!


I was worried at one point that she would psyche herself out… of the competition.  I must say the acting class towards the end, on the day that Tyra directed their shoot, really appeared to have helped.  She seemed boosted with a new confidence, had learnt some new skills and she was determined to do her best.  She really gave it her all that day.


Kayla’s look was in real life a bit dull and flat, but she did transform in some pictures.  She never really transcended the line between pretty-ish, slim girl to model though.   The choice to let her go was clearly the right one.  Jane, bless her, sweet as ever, very pretty indeed, but definitely still needed to grow in her confidence and really become a model.  As for that other one, what was that dull, boring, moaners name?  Oh yeah, Chelsey.  Boy was she one strange contestant.  I could not see the beauty and I could not see the model.  Even though she took okay pictures I still found myself thinking she was, sorry to say, rather unattractive.  I wouldn’t be compelled to buy anything she was promoting, that’s for sure.  She just did not have any inner model-like spark either.  The only reason she got as far as she did was her know-how because she had been trying to model for so long and her persistence (great quality).  If she hadn’t had the drive and knowledge she would have been out about four weeks before.


I did feel that the Cycle 15 contestants weren’t really up to scratch, except for amazing Ann of course, but maybe that’s because the stakes were so high!  Vogue Italia!  Wow, I’d practice every second in my spare time in the top model house if I could potentially win that!


So the best girl won!!!  Now Ann really could compel me to buy something and if she works on that runway walk and massively increases her confidence, we’ll see her working in high fashion for quite some time.


Well done Ann!


Image courtesy of Sky Living