America’s Next Top Model: Cycle 15, Episode 10

ANTM C15 E10

America’s Next Top Model’s resident diva Liz left last week! The competition is getting increasingly fierce, and it’s not long now before the season is over! Who are you vouching for?


I’m going to get straight into this week’s episode: at the very beginning (after the girls bitched a bit about Chris not being committed enough to the competition) it was announced that this week’s challenge would be that the girls would be going on ‘go sees’. They went to IMG in Milan, where Tyra went through each of their portfolios and explained how important it is to listen to one’s agent, and keep one’s portfolio organised with the best shots on display. The girls had just four hours to make four castings; Giovanni, Innovative, Danilo, and last but by no means least; Versace fashion house. They were told that whatever method of transport they used was up to them, but they needed to be back at 6.30 or would be disqualified!


To begin with Chris and Jane seemed to do the best, as they were the first to arrive at a casting (which was Versace). However although the casting director seemed happy with Jane, he said that Chris had an overly eighties look. Chelsea was in a panic, as when she arrived at Versace she saw Chris and Jane already there; which lead her to assume that all the other girls were doing a lot better than she was! Ann seemed overwhelmed by the challenge, and at one stage just sat down and looked as if she had given up!


When they all made it back to IMG, the directors did a quick briefing on how each of the girls did. Chelsea made it to the most castings out of all of the girls, yet only made two! She subsequently won this week’s challenge. Kayla was told in the briefing that she was good but ‘had trouble fitting her clothes’! I couldn’t help but think this was subtle hint that she needs to lose weight: not the healthiest message to be projecting to thousands of viewers!


This week’s shoot was based on Greek myth Pygmalion; a story of a sculptor named Pygmalion who fell in love with a beautiful statue of a woman he created. The aim of the shoot was to capture the moment in which the statue comes to life. Jane was first; I thought she looked very good but the photography director snapped at her and said she lacked passion. She burst in to tears at this point, and he softened a little and told her that this was the first sign of emotion that he had seen from her. Chelsea was next; she threw herself in to the shoot and did very well. Ann also performed very well; she apparently knew a lot about the mythology, so used it to bring passion to the role. Kayla seemed to glide effortlessly past her issues with men that she has spoken about in the past few weeks, and thus created ‘beautiful shapes’. The last girl who did the shoot was Chris; poor Chris had twisted her ankle in during the go sees, and although she started off very strong, as the shoot wore on, so did she. The photography director got very angry with her and said that it seemed like she was ‘over it’ and had ‘signed out’.


The girls stood before judges Nigel Barker, Andre Leon Talley, Kyle Hagler from IMG models and Tyra Banks. The judges examined the feedback from the go sees and the best photo from each girl from the shoot. Kayla was the first to go in front of the judges; she only made one go see, however the judges were very impressed with her photo, as she looked so sensual. Next up was challenge winner Chelsea, who made it to two castings and booked one. Her photo although stunning, Tyra commented that she didn’t look like a model but more a beautiful woman, and in future should channel the high fashion model feel to her photos. Chris only made it to one go see and didn’t manage to book it! Her photograph although beautiful, wasn’t perfect as she hadn’t managed to battle through the pain to produce something amazing. Ann was booked by the one casting she attended (Versace), however was disqualified because she missed the 6.30 curfew. Even though I was under the impression that Ann had done well in her shoot, they told her that she didn’t emote and lacked personality. Jane also was accused of lacking personality and emotion; both in her go sees and her shoot!


Kayla won best picture this week, as she captured the light really well and looked very passionate (I was thrilled!).


Chris and Jane impressed the judges the least and thus stood in front of Tyra Banks. At the beginning of this week’s show there were clips girls talking about how they felt Chris wasn’t fully invested in the competition, which to me was a subtle hint she was going. Plus, every model that has suffered any kind of ailment large or small has been kicked to the curb! Tyra told Chris that she felt that Chris is better suited to commercial advertising, and that she should go to stage school and become a comedian. The episode finished on a bitter sweet high as Chris left saying that she is going to keep persevering until she has made it!


I’m still vouching for stunning and unusual Kayla to win! I will however settle for Jane winning, because I think she is a Parisian looking beauty; however her lack of personality is a bit of a turn off. Weird but stunning Anne needs to work a little harder though I think; after her strong start it’s almost as if she is too comfortable in the competition as she seems to refuse to push boundaries!


Image courtesy of Sky Living