America’s Next Top Model: Cycle 15, Episode 11

ANTM C15 E11Last week’s America’s Next Top Model was an interesting episode! Jane and Ann were told that they seriously lacked personality and the kind of passion that they need to stay in the competition. Chris was sent packing because even though she had heaps of personality, she didn’t seem as dedicated as the other girls!


So at the beginning of this week’s episode, J Alexander announced that the girls would be having acting classes, to help bring their personalities out a little more. It was my least favourite part of the episode (and the series) as was so cringe-worthy watching the girls try to act! Ann was told to scream in shock and she just made some weird croaky noise! Jane tried her hardest to push through her dull exterior but it just came off a little hammy! The whole thing was awful!


Next the girls had to take their portfolios to Franca Sozzani (editor in chief of Vogue Italia). They were told to show as much personality as possible and to try and bring what they learnt from their acting class when meeting her. Kayla was up first; you could tell that she was trying to act confident but still came off a little boring. Ann was shy and awkward as usual but Franca Sozzani said that Ann had the most interesting photos. Jane was polite and pretty but didn’t make a huge impression. Chelsea, Sozzani said had a good character and left the best impression overall.


Chelsea won the competition and was told that her prize was going for a private viewing of one of Leonardo De Vinci’s master pieces, and then a stay at a fabulous deluxe hotel. She was allowed to pick one other girl to go with her and she chose Kayla. The viewing overwhelmed her and she burst in to tears saying how much it meant because she is from a Catholic background. Losers Jane and Ann went back to the apartment, and drowned their sorrows in Chinese takeout and vodka. Jane drew a anime version of the last supper on a napkin and stuck it on the wall. I wish that Jane and Ann would bring this fun side of themselves to the competition because they might actually do really well! Their sulking made me laugh!


The next day, all the girls piled on to the coach to go to the shoot, and Kayla immediately started bragging about the night before to the other two. I’m usually a big fan of Kayla, but this really put me off her! Especially seeing as it was Chelsea that won the competition, not her!


This week’s episode took an interesting turn as the girls were told that this week instead of a photography shoot, they would be doing a fashion video directed by Tyra Banks whilst wearing fabulous couture! It was announced that it was fitting there were dramatics as TWO girls would be eliminated from the competition this week!


The film was shot in the grounds of a beautiful Romanesque building with huge pillars, and fabulous looking balconies. There were a variety of different poses; whispering their own name, crouched in tears on a balcony, and wearing androgynous style clothes while walking runway style.  Chelsea brought so much of that drive that she has been showing the past couple weeks to the shoot, and her shots looked amazing! I thought Jane looked completely stunning too in the makeup and clothes, and she seemed to try really hard. Kayla looked magical and stunning. Tyra Banks seemed most impressed with Ann, saying how she did a ‘boom boom snap’ and how it complimented her angular frame.


The next day the girls stood in front of the judges. It was a stomach clenching moment, as it had been announced that two were to be eliminated this week!


Franca Sozzani made another guest appearance this episode as one of the judges. Chelsea was first to step forward to be judged. Her best shots from her film were played; and she seemed very convincing and dedicated to the role. Sozzani mentioned how she was surprised how well Chelsea could act, as she felt that she didn’t indicate it in the meeting; and that it was very much a positive thing. Jane, the judges said that the camera very much loves her, but unfortunately she still comes off a little awquard. Banks however said how impressed she was that she has obviously made the effort to potray her personality better. The judges said that Kayla seemed the most realistic, and that she is like a chameleon because she can adapt to any role with ease.


After last week’s episode, my first instinct was that Jane was the next to leave, because she was in the bottom two, but then at the beginning of the episode, she seemed really determined to change!


Ann was the first to be told that she was staying in the competition. It seems that the judges really want her to win! After a gripping few minutes, it was eventually announced that Chelsea was the other finalist!


Boo! My favourite two girls are gone in one fell swoop!


Kayla said that she was proud to have come this far, and that she was looking forward to hugging and kissing her girlfriend! Tyra Banks told Jane how she was going to make a lot of money one day, and to persevere!


So Chelsea and Ann are left. I think that Ann is going to win! What do YOU think? Only next week’s episode will tell!


Image courtesy of Sky Living