America’s Next Top Model: Cycle 15, Episode 6

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Sky has been airing the most recent season of America’s Next Top Model, and putting the most recently shown episodes on Sky player. I personally love America’s Next Top Model, because it is American reality television at its best. Furthermore, the fashion featured is amazing. Tyra Banks as a presenter is both loveable and straight to the point. There are amazing featured guests in each episode, such as Diane von Fürstenberg, and beautiful clothes from designers such as Cynthia Rowley.

If you are yet to watch it, the first episode featured thirty-two new hopefuls that needed to be eliminated to just fourteen. The contestants have slowly been whittled down week by week as the judges analyse at the end of each episode how well the girls did in the fashion shoots. The models range from the stunning and androgynous, to the stereotypically L.A blonde and pretty. The winner will be signed to IMG models, have a spread in Italian Vogue, be featured in Italian Vogue’s beauty magazine and have a contract with Cover Girl, so the stakes are higher than ever.

Week to week, this season’s rising star seems to be geeky looking Ann, as she has won best photograph four weeks in a row. This year Tyra Banks opened the show by saying that she is looking for someone a bit strange looking that people at home could relate to and find stunning at the same time. Ann is definitely the best model to champion that cause out of the group; she is the least stereotypically good looking, yet when she relaxes in the shoots she transforms into a stunning runway model, that week to week the judges find breathtaking.

My housemates and I have two personal favourites; Rhianna and Kayla. Rhianna takes inspiration for her poses from plants which we found both amusing and stunning that she looks so gorgeous in doing so! Kayla is lovely, and she battled through some pretty hardcore issues in the episode about bullying, as ‘queer’ was written on her, but also ‘free’. Both models look so free and beautiful in each challenge!

This week was episode six. First the girls had to promote a smoky eye range of cover girl make up to a random selection of Wal-Mart customers. Unfortunately Ann fell flat during this challenge, as her confidence issues got the better of her and she was unable dazzle them. Then, the girls were lucky enough to have a fashion shoot with photographer Patrick Demarchelier. Patrick Demarchelier was moderately more polite than previous judges were over the girl’s performance describing them as ‘fantastic’ and saying that overall they had done a great job. The modelling shoot took place on Rodeo drive, and passers by took photographs of the models. For some this was very well received, but others shrunk away under the spot light. Kendel shone this week, as the judges commented on how she sold the accessories but simultaneously held a very composed pose facially. Jane was also very striking this week; she looked beautiful, vacant and quite French as she posed for this week’s shoot. Chelsea was very nervous, as she was paired with Ann for the shoot. Unfortunately because she was so star struck and nervous because of Demarchelier, although she was stunning, Ann stole the show overall as the judges praised the choice of the red converse complimenting how tall she is. My favourite Kayla didn’t do very well in this episode, as the judges said that she fell flat; her shoes were too small and she was unable to conceal her obvious discomfort. Kacey was eliminated at the end of the episode because of her lack of enthusiasm in the shoot. “I will never get over this” were poor Kacey’s final words, which ended this week’s episode on a low note.

I can’t wait for next week’s episode, I just hope that Kayla brings her a game to the table and brings it back! Go Kayla!

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  1. joey says:

    I think Americas next top model is awesome!! good work <3