Amy Winehouse – Fashion Icon?

Jean Paul Gaultier Haute Couture SS12Jean Paul Gaultier paid homage to Amy Winehouse in his Spring/Summer 2012 haute couture show in Paris yesterday afternoon.  Who would have thought that those two names would ever appear in the same sentence?  Certainly not me!


Gaultier sent his girls down the runway wearing towering, Winehouse inspired beehives & her trademark black eyeliner flicks.  At first glance many of the models could in fact have been mistaken for the tragic star herself.  I’m sure I’m not alone in remembering the days – not too long ago – when Amy’s unmistakable look was being ripped to shreds by celeb magazines.  Oh how the times have changed.  I suppose, they do say that you become more famous when you’re dead.  I bet those magazines are crying into their Mulberry Alexas’ as we speak.


Bright colours & exquisite tailoring played a major part in the collection.  As always with Gaultiers’ collections corsets & trench coats featured prominently, however, with his couture collections he experiences a creative freedom that is perhaps not always as widely accepted on the mainstream runways.  Fluorescent orange lace evening gowns, candyfloss pink hair & birdcage-esque veils played a part in what was one of the most brilliant & moving collections to be debuted in Paris this week.


I leave it up to you to decide, if I’m honest, the jury’s still out for me.  Amy Winehouse – Fashion Icon?


By Victoria Loudon